Amelia Damplo, Yoga Instructor at Revolution Community Yoga and Fitness in Acton, Massachusetts

Amelia Damplo, Yoga Instructor

Amelia is a perinatal yoga teacher, Ayurvedic postpartum doula, and mother of two. 

Her first experience as a yoga student guided her to an inner stillness she had never felt before. It offered her the space to listen, receive each breath, and respond with intention. Still today, her practice guides her towards a deeper knowing of herself, and that continual discovery is what motivates her to keep yoga in her life and to share it through teaching.

Amelia completed her 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in 2015 through Yoga Vibe Los Angeles with a focus on vinyasa flow yoga. Her desire to nurture new parents through pregnancy and postpartum healing led her to become a certified Prenatal Yoga Teacher in 2016 through Silverlake Yoga. She began teaching three years before having her son, carrying with her a longing for her own motherhood experience. When it was her time, her yoga community held her as she became a mother.

Amelia’s prenatal and postnatal yoga classes hold supportive space for deep unfolding along the path of parenthood. Each of her practices addresses a theme to help navigate this new terrain while feeling held, seen, and heard. She invites students to be curious, find ease through effort, and always return to their breath. Together, they awaken strength with mindful movement and make room for restorative moments of stillness.

Amelia’s postpartum care is informed by Ayurveda, honoring the sacred window after birth with nourishing foods, grounding breathwork, and an attunement to each mother’s individual needs. She helps families create space for rest and provide practices to nurture the tender transition from birth into new parenthood.

When not on her yoga mat, Amelia can be found hiking with her son and daughter, baking nutritious treats, and learning how to garden!