Ashwini Kulkarni, Certified Holistic Ayurvedic Counselor

Ashwini Kulkarni is a certified Holistic Ayurvedic Counselor. She is currently pursuing her NAMA accredited Ayurvedic Practitioner certification from Kerala Ayurveda Academy, CA. Ashwini specializes in individualized diet and lifestyle for all ages; she is particularly passionate about mind care and child development. Her academic background includes a Masters in Organic Chemistry, Bachelors in Physics, Chemistry, & Mathematics, and eight years of studying the Sanskrit language. To deepen her working knowledge and access to the authentic root texts of Ayurveda, she is currently pursuing a four year program in Sanskrit education from Samskrita Bharati USA. Ashwini also runs RCY’s Accessible Ayurveda program.

On a personal note: She is an Acton local! In her free time she loves painting, hiking, nature walks, long drives, and spending the day at the beach.

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