How Your Brain Deals with Pain
w/ Sarah & Dave Sherman, Owners of Live4 Physical Therapy
Saturday, April 27th at 4 – 5pm in the RCY Upper Studio or Online via Zoom
$20 Pre-Registration / $25 day of workshop

This workshop offers a unique opportunity to deepen your understanding of pain and its role in movement and wellness. We will explore the intricate interplay between the brain, nervous system, and body, shedding light on why we experience pain, how it can manifest in different ways, and practical strategies to promote pain relief and resilience.  Time for Q&A!

Sarah and Dave Sherman

Sarah and Dave Sherman are the co-owners of Live4, a sports physical therapy and wellness company located in West Acton Villageworks. Sarah is a Board-Certified Sports Physical Therapy Clinical Specialist and athletic trainer. She works with athletes and active individuals in a 1:1 environment, providing holistic and individualized care. Dave is a sports physical therapist, athletic trainer, and postdoctoral researcher at Boston University. He studies how pain and pain sensitization influence the way we move. Together, Sarah and Dave translate the evidence into practice, helping athletes and active individuals better understand pain and how to utilize movement to reduce, eliminate, and prevent pain.