Kirtan Jaya Madhava Das & Govinda Sky Kirtan, A Donation-Based Community Event • All Are Welcome!
Saturday, June 29th at 5 - 6pm at Revolution Community Yoga + Fitness’s in Acton, MA


Saturday, June 29th at 5 – 6pm
at Revolution Community Yoga + Fitness’s “Upper Studio” located in Acton, MA at 525 Massachusetts Avenue (next to Acton Coffee) in West Acton Villageworks (Contact & Map Info)
Pre-registration is free and necessary to reserve your spot.
A donation basket for the group will be available at the event – any size donation is greatly appreciated!

Join Jaya Madhava Das & Ann Klein for an afternoon of Kirtan at Revolution Community Yoga!

Jaya Madhava Das (aka James Cennamo) has been involved with Kirtan since 1993. In 2006, he founded Govinda Sky, a transcendental music group that has played at various studios around New England. You can stream Govinda Sky’s music at

Kirtan is a call-and-response form of chanting mainly composed of Sanskrit mantras.  When chanting these mantras, we call out to the Divine.  Mantra is a Sanskrit word composed of two sounds: “man” means mind, and “tra” means to cross over or protect.  Kirtan means “to speak of” or “to mention”.

The world is sound.  All that is manifest proceeds from sound and continues to pulsate as sound vibration.

There are no hard and fast rules for chanting!  If you feel like chanting, go ahead.  If not, enjoy the chanting.  This is community chanting, an opportunity to be together in community and have fun.