Kundalini Yoga with Sound Healing Workshop w/ Jacqueline Gottesman at Revolution Community Yoga

Kundalini Yoga with Sound Healing Workshop

w/ Jacqueline Gottesman at Revolution Community Yoga and Fitness in Acton, Massachusetts
Runs Monthly in the Upper Studio
Pre-registration $25 / $35 day of workshop

UPCOMING DATES (see workshop themes below):
Saturday, April 13th @ 6:30 – 8pm • {REGISTER}

In this eight-part series, you will be guided through Kundalini sessions designed specifically to open and balance the chakra system, comprising the seven major energy centers along the central channel of the body. Each session in this series introduces you to a specific chakra, helps you understand the meaning for each and their direct relationship to your life and behavior, and offers guidance for developing each one. You can sign up for any or all of the sessions and, if you’d like, you can wear the color that represents the chakra during the specific sessions.

The Eight Part Series

Sept. 16 • Root Chakra (red): Finding Your Grounding and Focus
Oct. 7 • Sacral Chakra (orange): Connecting with Your Emotions and Creativity
Nov. 11 • Solar Plexus Chakra (yellow): Standing in Your Power and Vitality
Dec. 9 • Heart Chakra (green): Cultivating Self-Love, Compassion, and Joy
Jan. 20 • Throat Chakra (blue): Speaking Your Truth and Finding Your Voice
Feb. 10 • Third-Eye Chakra (indigo or purple): Trusting Your Intuition and Inner Vision
March 9 • Crown Chakra (violet or white): Tapping Into Your Divine Wisdom
April 13 • The Aura (white): Projecting Radiance

Safe Space of Community and Friendship

Join us in a safe space of community and friendship to experience the power of Kundalini Yoga, a dynamic practice that combines breathwork (pranayama), movement (asana), meditation, mantra, and sound healing to balance the mind, body, and spirit. Kundalini quiets the mind while opening the chakras to allow energy to flow freely in the body – increasing vitality, sense of wellbeing, and spiritual connectedness. Known as the Yoga of awareness, ultimately Kundalini aims to awaken practitioners to their full human potential. 

Wear yoga or any other comfortable attire, and bring a water bottle, as well as a mat (although the studio has mats and props available for you to borrow as needed). 

Jacqueline Gottesman

Jacqueline Gottesman entered her first Kundalini Yoga class over 10 years ago feeling stressed and overworked. She left the class feeling whole and healed, the vibrations from the sound bath still reverberating in her soul. She was thus inspired to become a regular Kundalini Yoga practitioner, and she recently leveraged her years of practice to obtain her 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Certification. As a seasoned school Educator, Zen practitioner, and Dancer, Jacqueline brings a calm and energetic love to all her classes. She seeks to connect with all who enter her classes and to inspire them to turn inward for true healing and peace.