Lavanya Selvaraj Mandala Artist at Revolution Community Yoga and Fitness in Acton, Massachusetts

Lavanya Selvaraj, Mandala Artist • Acton, Massachusetts

I live with my husband and two little kids in North Acton, Massachusetts, and I am a self-taught Mandala artist. I started drawing Mandalas even before I knew what they were. During my childhood days, I doodled on any piece of paper lying around. Some of those early childhood doodles were precursors to the Mandala art that I create now. Drawing mandalas has always given me a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment. Making mandalas is very therapeutic, meditative and addicting. What I drew on papers during my childhood days has taken a new form in different medias like canvas, wood, ceramic, etc… All my works are created by hand with lots of passion and love. I enjoy experimenting with intricate designs while creating mandalas. I take inspiration from nature and everyday things and visualize the Mandala design in my mind before transferring it on to the canvas. Mandalas always start at a center point and from there it radially emerges with various shapes, lines and swirls. It takes many hours to create the intricate Mandala design. The repetitive process involved in making Mandala is truly magical and I am always mesmerized with the result.

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Lavanya will be offering a Mug Painting Mandala Class!