Low Back Pain: How Asana, Pranayama, & Mudras Can Help!
w/ Arthi Sivakumar, Yoga Instructor and Physiotherapist
Wednesday, May 22nd at 6:30 – 8pm in the downstairs Lotus Room at RCY
$25 Pre-registration / $35 day of workshop
At least 4 people must register by May 20th in order for the workshop to run

We will discuss common causes, avenues of prevention, and how yoga can play an important role in spinal and full-body health.  We will discuss and practice asanas that target the muscles involved when one is experiencing low back pain.  In addition, we will explore breathing practices (pranayama) and mudras (meaning ‘seal’, ‘mark’ or ‘gesture’ in Sanskrit) that are both rejuvenating and soothing. These asanas, breathing practices, and mudras are beginner-friendly, so all are welcome!  Join us and begin the journey of learning how to prevent and manage low back pain and lead a healthy and active lifestyle!

Arthi Sivakumar, Yoga Instructor at Revolution Community Yoga and Fitness in Acton, Massachusetts

Arthi Sivakumar, Yoga Instructor and Physiotherapist

Yoga instructor Arthi Sivakumar began practicing yoga in 2018 shortly after her second delivery.  She began practicing for postpartum weight loss and for keeping her mind calm and healthy, and she found a tremendous change in her physical and mental health after just a few months.  She continued practicing yoga and wanted to become a yoga instructor. 

Arthi did her 200-hour yoga certification under YSI from India on 2022 from her guru Kavitha Omkumar Ph.D (Sivananda Yoga), and got certified as a Yoga & Yoga Therapy coach (also under YSI in India).  She has a Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Physiotherapist) from Chennai and gained experience doing house visits for patients, teaching them exercises and incorporating yoga to treat various conditions.

In addition, Arthi was teaching Hatha yoga for her friends and neighbors in her community in India. She started taking online and private classes for both physical therapy exercises and yoga as she recently moved here to the US.  She motivates and encourages everyone to practice yoga and exercise daily to lead a stress-free life to prevent, treat, and manage lifestyle disorders through a holistic approach.  Through her medical knowledge gained through physiotherapy, Arthi feels this approach can help with many conditions. She believes that patience and consistency will surely yield good results.

Arthi’s interests include cooking, traveling, drawing, and learning new things.