Melissa Ackerman, Yoga Instructor at Revolution Community Yoga and Fitness in Acton, Massachusetts in West Acton Villageworks

Melissa Ackerman, Yoga Instructor

Yoga Instructor Melissa Ackerman has been practicing yoga for over 20 years. During that time yoga has been her compass during times of turmoil helping her to ground, balance, focus, develop strength and stay true to herself. Yoga provides Melissa with tools to quiet her mind, strengthen her body and open her heart. Simply put, she has found that the more consistently she practices, the happier she is. Yoga has given Melissa the tools to be a better mother, wife, friend and member of society.

Melissa completed her 200-hour yoga teacher training under Cindy Boulter at Revolution Community Yoga in May 2019. She has also completed training in backbends and inversions with Theresa Murphy, assists with Jay Atwi, chakra balancing with Jacqui Bonwell and the anatomy of yoga with Susi Hatley.

Melissa draws on her counseling and higher education background to acutely tune in to her students and thoughtfully communicate her cues. Her classes encourage students to link breath with movement, quiet the mind and be present in their practice. Turning the awareness inward allows students to hear the signals their body is sending and to move in their own pain free range of motion. Through her classes, she hopes to pass on all the joys and gifts that yoga has brought to her life.