Monthly Chakra Clearing & Balancing Practice

Chakra Chartw/ Jen Mast
1st Sunday of each month @ 6:15 – 7:45pm
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Upcoming Dates in 2014:

Jen Mast twist

Join Jen Mast for a Chakra Clearing and Balancing practice to balance your system. The Sanskrit word chakra (also cakra) means “wheel” or “spinning wheel.” There are 7 chakras, or energy systems in the body. That can become blocked by long held tension or chronic stress. Practicing poses and meditation that correspond with each of the chakras can help to release the blockage, create more space in the body and balance each Chakra energy center. The Chakra can be thought of as a space to receive, absorb, and distribute life energy to the body and mind. This practice will leave you in a grounded, calm and refreshed state!


Revolution Community Yoga
537 Massachusetts Avenue
Acton, MA 01720