“My Friend Sudhama” Book Reading by Ashwini Kulkarni at Revolution Community Yoga at Villageworks in West Acton, MA

FREE Children’s Book Reading by Ashwini Kulkarni

Children’s Book Reading For Ashwini Kulkarni’s Book:
My Friend Sudhama

in the Upper Studio at Revolution Community Yoga at 525 Massachusetts Avenue, Acton, MA
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Join us for a unique event as author Ashwini Kulkarni brings the timeless tales of the Mahabharata Children’s Picture Books series to life.


The Mahabharata, an ancient Indian epic, offers simple yet profound principles for ethical living. Treat your children to an afternoon filled with wonder and discovery as they immerse themselves in the heartwarming story of “My Friend Sudhama”.

Through engaging narration and vibrant illustrations, your children will learn valuable lessons about friendship, compassion, and the joy of friendship. This event offers a unique opportunity for families to connect with ancient wisdom in a modern and accessible way.

So, why not bring your little ones along for a magical journey into the world of the Mahabharata? Mark your calendars for 2pm on 19 Feb and come join us; we can’t wait to share this adventure with you!

Ashwini Kulkarni, Ayurvedic Counselor at Revolution Community Yoga in Acton, MA

Ashwini Kulkarni

Meet Ashwini, the creative mind behind the captivating Mahabharata Children’s Picture Books series. An ancient Indian epic, the Mahabharata is regarded as the foremost authority on the principles of ethical living.

With a background as a certified Ayurvedic Health Counselor and years of experience as a Special Education teacher, Ashwini is passionate about childhood development and mental health. Driven by her love for storytelling and her rich cultural heritage, Ashwini embarked on an enchanting journey to create this series, weaving together timeless tales from the Mahabharata with a touch of modern magic. Each book is carefully crafted to introduce children to concepts from the ancient literature and fundamental Sanskrit words, offering a gentle gateway to exploring the rich cultural heritage that brought us Yoga and Ayurveda.