WESTFORD Yoga Sculpt 4-Week Series

Yoga Sculpt 4-Week Series
w/ Lelia Leary @ RCY Westford
Thursdays @ 6 – 7am
March 21, 28, April 4, 11
Series Registration $60

This fitness-based yoga class is designed to increase endurance, strength and flexibility. We’ll use a basic vinyasa flow and add on body-weight strength movements. Long holds are used to build stamina. Dynamic movements will fire up the body. Deep stretching is included to release tension. A savasana (final rest) at the end of class is chance for restoration and mindfulness. Modifications to ramp up or tone down are always offered.

Lelia Leary
Lelia was unprepared to discover the power of yoga when she signed up for a class as a way to add mobility to an exercise regimen. Very quickly she learned that yoga was something more magnificent than fitness training would ever be.  She dove in and has never looked back.  Her most valuable lesson was cultivating the ujayi breath and focus on staying present for whatever may arise. Mindfulness training and loving kindness meditation soon followed as ways to help her stay grounded. She’s a mom, a science teacher, and a nature lover. Currently her passions include training Brazilian jiu-jitsu and Muy Thai Kickboxing.  She recently completed her 200-hour training at Revolution Community Yoga.  Learning to connect movement with breath opened a whole new world for her and she’s thrilled to help share the gift of yoga with others.