Yoga for Longevity w/ Karen O'Neil at Revolution Community Yoga and Fitness in Acton, Massachusetts in West Acton Villageworks

Yoga for Longevity

Sundays at 12pm
Tuesdays at 2pm
Fridays at 1:30pm
w/ Karen O’Neil of RCY in the downstairs Waterfall Room & Online
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Are you feeling like you need to move more? Do your joints have some stiffness? Do you have concerns about maintaining your independence as you age?  Perhaps your doctor has suggested yoga as a way to loosen things up and calm your mind, but you think it’s not for you. Let Karen O’Neil show you that yoga is truly for everyone! It’s a mindful practice that is adaptable to every type of body at any age. If you can breathe, you can do yoga!

We often believe that “aging” is something that’s inevitable. The truth is that our years aren’t what cause aging. Aging comes from lack of movement, and if we continue to move, we’ll have a different result. This class focuses on gently taking our joints through their full range of motion to improve strength, flexibility, and functionality.

Karen O'Neil

Karen O’Neil, Yoga Instructor

I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in 1977, and from that day forward I knew that daily physical exercise would be part of my treatment plan. In the early years, I went from being a runner to a cycler to doing step aerobics, always going to the max. Yoga floated in and out of my life, but wasn’t a regular thing. Then, I fractured my spine in a horseback riding accident, and after a year of pain, I had surgery and slowly began to recover. Yoga was the perfect companion, never too demanding, always letting me get my own way and yet healing me in ways I didn’t expect. The mind-body-spirit connection really resonated with me, and became a blueprint for my daily life that continues today.

As a senior myself, I want to be able to do the things I love and remain independent for as long as I can. Isn’t that what we all want? I want people to know that lack of movement causes aging, not the other way around. There really is something we can do to make our later years more mobile, and that thing can be yoga. My hope is that I can be a part of someone’s discovery that this really is possible in their own life.

I am a 200hr registered vinyasa yoga teacher, and have done extensive additional training in Senior Yoga, Chair Yoga and Yin Yoga.