Love Letter To My Student

Love Letter To My Student

by Julie McKay, RCY Teacher
Feb. 2, 2021

This is a love letter to you, my yoga student. We were getting into a groove, you and I. You were coming to class, spending time on your mat, taking a physical and mental break from the rest of your life. We were having a laugh, building a connection. You were trusting me to provide a small dose of the yoga that keeps you sane. I was trusting you to inspire me with your dedication, your ability to show up. The pandemic came along and stopped us in our tracks. Many of you pivoted and found me on Zoom which didn’t feel like the real thing, but it was a close second. A smile from you was all I needed to feel like we were all back together again. You adjusted and adapted because you could. Your yoga had taught you to depend on the resilience you had built as a result of the other challenges you’ve faced. You took a deep breath in, rooted into the earth, and rose up tall. I am impressed with your flexibility and your strength, both physical and mental. You even started to notice some silver linings: no commute, a cup of coffee nearby, the cat. Not the real thing, but not awful. I admire the way you always find the good. I will continue to hold you in my heart and mind, to save a space for you (especially if you haven’t found your way back yet). Even though this pandemic is forcing us to pause, my love for you is steadfast and strong. You are my student.

Julie McKay

2 Comments on “Love Letter To My Student

  1. Julie! I’m here! Showing up at a variety of classes and the revival. Finding strength and peace and joy in a daily practice (something I did not do pre Pandemic…the 21 day revival hooked me!!). I love you too and join you on the mat and off!
    And I will see you today at 4!!

  2. You are inspiring, Julie. Thanks for being there for us. I’ll see you outdoors this week! Yoga outside with you, under the trees feeds us in so many ways.

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