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Wearing a mask at RCY is optional, but advised if you are unvaccinated or for those with medical conditions that can be impacted by COVID. Thank you & be safe!

RCY is a welcoming and inclusive Yoga Studio located in Acton, Massachusetts. We offer an outstanding array of teachers and diverse Yoga classes for all types and levels of practitioners, regardless of one’s age, gender, body type, or level of fitness and flexibility. It is our mission to help as many people as possible gain access to the enormous wellness benefits for your mind, body & spirit that yoga can provide.

RCY is *not* about trendy, fancy Yoga. We strive to honor the roots of Yoga by bringing awareness to its history and traditions, especially Patanjali’s Eight Limbed Path. Without this context, a physical yoga asana class is just exercise.

RCY practices respectful communication at all times. We do not tolerate hate speech or bigotry in any form. If you should experience or witness anything like this while practicing with RCY, please let us know immediately. We have a form (that allows anonymity if preferred) at https://yogaacton.com/suggestions/.

Welcome! We can’t wait to practice with you.

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