Why Community is Important After Baby is Born

Why Community is Important After Baby is Born
By Valerie Kacian

I like to tell my students that far more than the physical aspects (asana), building connections to yourself and to those around you is at the forefront of the yoga practice. When we build connections we are not alone and our discovery of ourselves deepens. Doesn’t get much better than that.

While pregnant you may have found ways to connect. Maybe you took a yoga class at RCY, joined a group of fellow moms, or found yourself talking to more people as you went shopping, to the doctor’s office, or just around town. After your baby is born, often times those connections begin to dwindle. Let’s face it. It’s really hard to manage a new schedule for your household, care for your baby, and also get in a little bit of rest – never mind getting out to rekindle connections. And while at first many people may want to visit with you and your baby, as the weeks go by there may not be as many visits.

The idea for the Postnatal Yoga Series came from you. I discovered that those attending Baby & Me classes wanted a class just for them. Students wanted a class to reconnect to themselves through movement and breath, and with each other through community. I am here as a guide who hopes to offer you this time to relax, breathe, talk to each other, and get you to feel a little bit more like yourself again. The guidance is really personal so no two classes are the same.

If anything I hope to provide you with space that is yours. Talk, vent, cry, relax, take a nap, work hard to strengthen your core, address pelvic floor concerns, ask for tips and resources. We do it all here. This can be a reminder that you are not alone! Community after your baby is born is vitally important. We are social creatures that crave being with others that “get” us. Being in a community of fellow parents creates a bond that transcends the walls of the studio space and connects hearts. Let’s spend this time together.

Next Postnatal Series:
March 15, 22, 29
April 19, 26, May 3

Info and registration at https://yogaacton.com/postnatal-yoga-series/.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions that you may have by reaching out to RCY at info@yogaacton.com or directly at valeriekacian@gmail.com. I cannot wait to spend some time with you.

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