4 Weeks To A Stronger Immune System

4 Weeks To A Stronger Immune System
w/ Charlotte Ott & Jen Mast of Revolution Community Yoga
4 Tuesdays Online @ 9:30 – 10:30am
Nov. 10, 17, Dec. 1, 8
Registration: $60 for full series or $20 drop-in per class

Join Charlotte Ott, Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner/Health Coach and Jen Mast Functional Therapeutic Yoga Instructor, in a special 4-week series of yoga and functional medicine insights designed to strengthen your immune system this winter season.

You’ll learn and practice tools for strengthen your immune system through stress reduction, sleep hygiene and optimizing your digestion. Each week will build on the previous week and culminate with an immune boosting lifestyle tool kit.

Charlotte OttCharlotte Ott
I grew up in an Irish household with home cooked meals. The Irish are not known for their use of spices and fresh produce. This was something I was not exposed to until I was an adult. I slowly began experimenting with different cultural foods when I moved out. The big shift happened when my oldest child experienced reactions to many foods, especially processed foods. I recall his ear turning bright red and burning up after eating at a Chinese restaurant. In addition, he had behavior issues after having any type of artificial food flavor or coloring. His body rejected dairy and I struggled to find alternatives.

I began to explore and educate myself on food allergies and sensitivities. I began making everything from scratch. I got really good at substituting gluten and dairy in recipes.

In 2009 I took the helm at Shoals Marine Lab kitchen as head chef. I totally transformed the menu and kitchen there – cooking everything from scratch, using local vendors, and increasing the quality, taste, and nutrition of every meal.

Although I’ve been teaching yoga since the early 2000s it wasn’t until studying Functional Medicine that I developed an appreciate of the science behind what was happening. Today I combined the healing effects of mindfulness, movement and food to generate prescriptions for total well-being.

Although I have been working with clients in groups and privately since 2010, I continue to be amazed at the power of whole food nutrition and stress reduction in reducing chronic illness.

  • Natural Foods Chef
  • Certified Holistic Health Coach, IIN
  • Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner, SAFM
  • Certified 500 hr Yoga Instructor

Jen Mast, LICSW, RYT 500
When we apply awareness to movement and stillness, what happens?  I can tell you what happened to me.  Like most, I spent my life living in my body, but not really “living” in my body.  I recognized how external factors affected me like stress at work, knee pain after a long run, eating something that didn’t agree with me. BUT unless something really slowed me down, I never jumped inside my skin to look and feel deeper.

Until.. a health crisis hit after the birth of my daughter in 2004.  I was diagnosed with the first of what would eventually be three autoimmune diseases.  I learned very quickly that my body was trying to tell me something.  Insert yoga.  Yoga was wonderful, however it took years before I was actually ready to truly listen to the quiet whispers and the loud booming messages that my body was trying to convey.  Insert therapeutic yoga and myofacial release work.  My journey, my training, my work is informed by the idea that we can get out of pain, we can move with more ease. Your age, your body, your diagnosis, your injury is a piece of information that may gives clues for assessment, movements, breath, rest, release work, etc., but these factors do not have to hold us back unless we let them.  When you choose not to tolerate something anymore, it’s then you decide to make change. Thank you, Susi Hatley, for teaching me this and also allowing me to experience it in my own body: FREEDOM!!. It has been a humbling, invigorating, and empowering  path of piecing together various modalities and techniques to work toward my own healing.  My goal is to form a trusting partnership with my clients and students as we journey toward better health, functional movement, and deep awareness together.