About Package Sharing

RCY allows class package sharing!

If there is someone you want to share your package with, this needs to be set up in the system by someone at RCY – it is not possible for clients to set this up themselves using the on-line booking system.  This can be done when you come into the studio, or if you’d like it set up in advance, please email Jenny Meshna at info@YogaActon.com, and she will work on that for you.


  • The person sharing his/her class package must make the sharing request directly with RCY (in person at the studio, or via email w/ at least 24 hours notice).
  • The 2 Week Unlimited New Student Special cannot be shared, and can only be used by 1 client.
  • Someone with Student/Senior/Military discount passes can only share their passes with someone who is also in one of those discounted categories (Student/Senior/Military).

Kyra Marino