Ahimsa Yoga – Contemplative Practice with Teachings of Compassion

Ahimsa Yoga – Contemplative Practice with Teachings of Compassion
w/ Gwen Murphy
Thursdays @ 7:30 – 8:30am
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Deepen your connection to the teachings of Classical Yoga. Usually translated as “non-harming” or “gentleness,”Ahimsa is not a style of practice, but a foundational element of Yoga philosophy. With Ahimsa as the over-arching theme, each week we will focus on a different teaching from the Yoga Sutra as we move through a slow, meditative sequence of postures, designed to calm the mind through cultivation of a compassionate relationship to self and to other beings.

Gwen-Murphy200Gwen has spent much of her adult life making sculpture and, with her husband, Peter, raising their two children, who are now adults themselves. She began practicing Yoga about ten years ago, and as that practice brought more and more benefits – peace of mind, comfort in the body, better sleep, relief from various ailments, & the releasing of destructive habits – she became committed to sharing it with others. She completed her 200 Hour Teacher Certification at Frog Pond Yoga Center in Princeton, Ma. With an emphasis on alignment and movement with breath, her classes center on the fundamentals of Classical Yoga, while allowing each participant to move at his or her own pace. Gwen is a long-time resident of West Acton, and enjoys raising chickens and attempting to train the family’s adorable “problem child,” a rescued labradoodle named Lamb Chop.

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