Amy Barber

Amy Barber Jan 2014 wpAmy Barber
Coming from a strong cardio fused background,(avid runner, cross trainer,cycling and mother), many of us have come to a crossroad in our fitness journey’s, I was seeking a path on how to become stronger, more flexible and balanced. I was realizing that I was prone to injury and needed to find a path that I could sustain for the rest of my life. Simply experimenting with different styles of yoga, I became a believer and wanted to teach. Trained and certified by Mimi Loureiro and Elliot McEldowney in O2/Ashtanga yoga and by Zayna Gold and Barbara Dawson in Mat Pilates and Barre from Boston Body and certified by Balanced Body. Yoga has taken me to that special place and it has complimented all other areas of strength and weakness within my body creating balance. With any fitness path, it takes time and patience. It is no longer a goal; it has become my journey. The practice never becomes old or stale. We learn from one another and often become inspired. I teach an athletic style of yoga, focusing in on alignment and reminding fellow practitioners of the mind/body connection.

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