Anastasia Fayerman

Anastasia-FayermanAnastasia Fayerman

It was the sense of open curiosity that first brought Anastasia to the Baptiste Vinyasa School of Yoga in Cambridge, MA where she took her first yoga class in 1999. Anastasia describes her yoga journey as a “marriage”. Over a decade later Anastasia’s union with yoga experienced all the phases of a typical marriage: from passion to realization; rebellion to cooperation; reunion to completion. Anastasia, a former mental health professional, a wife, a mother and a certified Fluid Yoga instructor, draws a sense of completion, confidence and strength from her yoga practice. It also gives her the gift of a community of like-minded people.  This is her ground of exploring new challenges.  It’s a state of mind, a lifestyle and more! As a teacher Anastasia is committed to bringing the flow of yoga to her students right where they are in their own journeys.