July 17: Arm Balance & Inversion Workshop For All Levels

Jen Arm Balance 1Arm Balance & Inversion Workshop For All Levels
w/ Jen Mast
Sunday, July 17th @ 2 – 4pm
$30 pre-registration / $40 day of workshop
Maximum of 14 registrants – don’t wait to register!

Join Jen Mast for a strong, confidence-boosting, ego-releasing inversion and arm balancing workshop. Let go of your fears, explore going upside down with a great emphasis on safety, play on your mat and learn how to fly!!

Arm balances and inversions teach us courage, how to be playful, and how to create lightness in space. Become empowered by the process of practicing these postures, and learn how to overcome the biggest obstacle, FEAR. This workshop will guide you through preparatory postures for poses such as hand stand, crow (bakasana), side crow, flying pigeon, forearm balance and more. We will discover that we don’t have to over-rely on force for these postures, but find integrity in our alignment and preparation, understand the mechanics and buoyancy in our bodies.

A fun, engaging workshop designed for all levels of practitioners, ready to meet you wherever you are at. Are you ready for lift off?!!!

Revolution Community Yoga
537 Massachusetts Avenue
Acton, MA 01720