Ayurveda & Herbs: Grandma’s Remedies, Done Right!

Ayurveda & Herbs: Grandma’s Remedies, Done Right!
w/ Ashwini Kulkarni
Wed., June 28th @ 4:30 – 5:30pm in the Upper Studio @ RCY
Registration is FREE!

Have you heard of herbs like: ashwagandha, turmeric, cumin, coriander, fennel, cinnamon, clove, ajwain, triphala powder, amla powder, and ginger powder? Do you know how to strategically use herbs like these as home remedies for specific purposes? More importantly, do you know what NOT to do when using home remedies?

You may be familiar with a whole host of seasonal remedies, and you probably know that Ayurvedic herbs & spices can be used to address everyday challenges like: constipation, bloating, acidity, the common cold (for children and adults), sleep disturbances, bad breath, a strained voice, a mild fever, skin irritation, minor cuts, and generally boosting your immunity.

This presentation will give you an overview of what Ayurveda is, introduce how Ayurveda approaches herbs & spices, and discuss the essential do’s and don’ts of using Ayurvedic herbs & spices. We will also have time for questions & answers.

Ashwini Kulkarni is a certified Holistic Ayurvedic Coach. She is currently pursuing her NAMA Ayurvedic Health Counselor certification from Kerala Ayurveda Academy, CA. Her academic background includes a Masters in Organic Chemistry, Bachelors in Physics, Chemistry, & Mathematics, and eight years of studying the Sanskrit language. To deepen her working knowledge and access to the authentic root texts of Ayurveda, she is currently pursuing a four-year program in Sanskrit education by Samskrita Bharati USA.

On a personal note: She is an Acton local! In her free time she loves painting, hiking, nature walks, long drives, and spending the day at the beach.