Beyond Grateful

So much to be grateful for at Revolution Community Yoga, where do I even begin?

To our students:
I am beyond grateful every day that together we have built this truly welcoming and inclusive community right here in our own backyard. Thank you all for sharing your practice with RCY. Please know that your practice is stunning and sacred, no matter what it looks like, or when, where or how it happens.

To the RCY Teachers:
I have no words. Well, I have one word… blessed. Our teachers are simply outstanding, and I am beyond grateful each and every day that they come and share their gifts with RCY. You are a passionate, creative, and exceptional group of not only teachers, but HUMANS. Honestly, I love each and every one of you – thank you so much.

To the RCY Volunteers:
You exemplify what it means to live your practice. I am beyond grateful for your steadfast presence and mindful assistance. You inspire me!

To my Team:
Jen Olsen, Kim Blanc, Jenny Meshna (and Jenny’s Mom!), Lisa Lusignan & Noel Weatherbee – I worship all of you! Thank you so much for being with me in this… I would be lost without you. I LOVE YOU!

Happy Thanksgiving!