Black Friday Local Artisan Event & Yoga Specials!

Friday, November 26th, 2021
8am – 1pm Downstairs @ RCY
Special Yoga Pricing & Details posted @

All are welcome!  RCY will be offering GREAT Black Friday Discounts on class packages (pricing posted @, and we have also invited a handful of independent local artisans to join us at RCY this year to offer their unique gifts for sale!  These local friends (see below) do not have store fronts, so this is a special opportunity to shop with them before the holidays.

I hope you will visit RCY for this very special Black Friday Event on Friday. Nov. 26th from 8am – 1pm in the downstairs studios (in the back of the building where West Acton Creamery is located).

*RCY Black Friday Special Yoga Pricing & Details posted @


Fay Senner
Web site @
Facebook @ AstrologyHeart
Instagram @astrologyheart
I sell Astrology related products such as prints, cards, calendars as well as some prints of some vintage pressed seaweed.

Charzie Jewelry
Laurie Tousignant
Web site @
Charzie Jewelry’s handcrafted earrings, bracelets and necklaces are each uniquely designed to incorporate the beauty of semi- precious gemstones and beads.

Deezine Knit Studio
Dee Cohen
Web site @
I am a painter and a Knit Designer.  I run knitting classes for beginners and advanced students in my studio at Artspace Maynard, in Maynard, MA.  I will be selling hand knit garments, including some of my original designs.  This will include knit sweaters, coats, hats, scarves and cowls. I love color, fibers and creating. Painting and knitting let my creative juices flow. There is always something new to learn in both fields!

Dreamy Swirls
Lavanya Selvaraj
Mandala Artwork & More!
Facebook @ Dreamy Swirls
Instagram @dreamy_swirls

Flossy the Mouse
Nancy Lefcourt Depew
Web site @
Facebook @ Flossy The Mouse
Instagram @flossythemouse
I will be selling Flossy the Mouse kit (includes: 1 plush Flossy the Mouse and Book) $29.99 +tax and 52 Week Brushing Chart $9.99+tax

Global Goods
Jacquie Rodgers
Web site @
Facebook @ Global Goods (Maynard)
Instagram @globalgoodsmaynard
I will be selling all fair trade items sourced globally and locally, created by women, cooperatives, and family based artisans. 100% of our profits are donated back into our foundation and used to write grants for locally run global projects. I sell scarves, hats & mittens, jewelry (sterling silver and fun, unique pieces), small housewares, holiday, children’s items, and personal products.

Lola Chaisson
Web site @
Instagram @lola.chai
I am selling cards of my paintings and drawings, both seasonal and general, blank inside. Small paintings suitable for standing on a desk or mantle or enriching a little blank wall space.

R-Yolo, LLC
Donna Lee
Web site @
Facebook @ R-Yolo-103920911998711
Instagram @ryolollc
I am selling machine washable and dryable yoga mats. They are soft and comfortable, made from Turkish cotton towel, foam, and non-slip rubber that provides great traction. The material is highly absorbent, helping to eliminate slipping during yoga, especially hot yoga. Since the yoga mat can be machine washed, it allows the user to do yoga anywhere they please, inside or out.

Utopia Dzine
Aradhana Pandey
Paintings & Drawings
Facebook @ Utopia Dzine
Instagram @utopia_dzine
I enjoy creating compelling, clean, and contemporary designs. I view artistic creation as a behavioral process of self-discovery and satisfaction, and it is therefore vital for artists to observe the world around them. I enjoy making paintings as much as I enjoy my graphic design work. I believe art is an adventure that never seems to end. Art is a shadow of what a person is thinking… a small glimpse of what they hold inside. Little secrets, regrets, joys… every line has its own meaning. My work is inspired by nature and biodiversity. My paintings are bold and colourful depicting my childhood obsessions, my region and heritage.  When I’m not designing, I enjoy keeping myself up to date with the latest design trends and technologies by taking classes, joining workshops, and being active in art and design communities!

RCY is honored to sell 15 of these beautiful hand made yoga mat bags on Black Friday for just $30 each!  They are made by and in support of The Sharing Foundation whose mission is to help meet the physical, emotional, educational and medical needs of orphaned and seriously disadvantaged children in Cambodia: