Breath & Beats

Breath & Beats
Powerful Yoga as moving meditation against a backdrop of hypnotic & soothing beat-driven music.
Mondays @ 6 – 7am
w/ Tina Terry downstairs at Revolution Community Yoga, Acton

A Vinyasa-style class with emphasis on alignment and breath… a powerful moving meditation against a backdrop of hypnotic & soothing beat-driven music. This class leans toward the power spectrum while allowing you time to turn your focus inward. You will be challenged physically and mentally as you mindfully enter each pose, live in the pose, and exit the pose while exploring breathwork. The emphasis on breath will initiate and sustain your movement, offering you the opportunity to be with what is. You will leave feeling nourished, supported and prepared to conquer the day!

Tina Terry
I first came to yoga in 2001 looking for a physical work out. After having children my practice stopped due to the demands of being a working mother.  In 2013 I transitioned to a new job at a small high-tech startup company. I soon became overwhelmed balancing my new position and motherhood. I found my way back to yoga and after I left that first yoga class I felt relaxed, calm, and the tightness in my chest was gone. When I came home from work my son noticed a change in me and asked what was different about my day? It was then that I realized that my stress and need to get everything done right now was leaving very little room for me to be present and more importantly it was affecting my relationship with my children. As my practice grew so did my love for yoga. I stopped imposing unwanted stress on myself by attempting to do everything immediately. I was able to remain present, which allowed me to fully enjoy and appreciate each moment.

I am a wife, mom of three, software test engineer and type I diabetic. Another benefit of my yoga practice is the assistance it provides with managing my blood sugar. My passions include being outdoors, fitness training, and reading. My decision to become a yoga instructor was born from the desire to bring peace and awareness to others. I am a RYT-200 and completed my YTT-200 hour at Revolution Community with Cindy Boulter.  My style of teaching involves bringing attention to mindful movements. It is my hope that my students can take what they learn about themselves on their mat and extend this knowledge off their mat.