Cancellations & Inclement Weather

Inclement Weather
In the event of inclement weather, Revolution Community Yoga will likely cancel morning and daytime classes on weekdays if the Acton Public School system has cancelled classes.  However, in non-emergency situations, classes may run during school cancellations at the teachers’ discretion.  Always check the on line schedule.

Evening class cancellation will be determined by mid-afternoon and will be posted on our web site at the top of the Important News section on the top right of the content area, on FaceBook at, and also on the on line schedule at

Weekend cancellations due to inclement weather will be posted on YogaActon.comFaceBook, and on the On Line Schedule and may be determined to be necessary shortly before the earliest class.

*** Please always make sure to check for class cancellations on, the On Line Schedule or FaceBook before coming in if we are having questionable weather. ***

Other Cancellations
From time to time, a class may need to be cancelled for unforeseen and/or last minute circumstances.  We will always do our best to avoid this, but in the event it is unavoidable, we will contact those who are pre-registered for a class and also post the cancellation on the web site.

In the event of any cancellation on the studio’s part for a class that you have registered for, your class pass will remain available for another class.

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