Cell Phone Policy & Audio/Video Recording Policy

Cell Phone Policy & Audio/Video Recording Policy
We kindly ask that cell phones not be brought into the Yoga studios during practice unless truly necessary. If you must bring your cell phone in, please let the teacher know before class begins. Please place your phone discreetly near you in “silent mode” so that ringing, vibration or message notification displays will not distract other students. If you need to use/answer your cell phone in any way during class, we ask that you please leave the practice space and go into the lobby or outside.

Audio and/or Video Recording with a cell phone or any other device are not permitted in our studio before, during, or after a class.
This is common sense courtesy which respects the privacy of fellow students, the teachers and the studio.

If you have questions or concerns about these policies, please contact Kyra Marino at info@YogaActon.com.

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