Where Do I Check-In For Classes?

Where Do I Check-In For Classes?

When you look at any of our schedules, whether it’s the ON LINE SCHEDULE or the Printed Schedule, you will see one of three different rooms associated with each class:

The Loft  •  The Waterfall Room  •  The Buddha Room

The Loft is our newest practice room – it is located at 541 Massachusetts Avenue, in the 2nd floor of the building where Twin Seafood is located.  If the class you are going to is in The Loft, you can go straight there to check-in.  541 Mass Ave. is located right next door to our original location at 537 Mass. Ave.

The Waterfall Room and The Buddha Room are our original practice spaces located at 537 Massachusetts Avenue.  The entrance is located on the backside of the building.  There is a small lobby with separate entrances to each space – you can check-in for classes in either of these rooms in the lobby.  Any of our warmed classes will be held in the Waterfall Room.  The temperature for our warmed classes is typically 85-90 degrees.

The Loft final 1
The Loft
Waterfall Room
The Waterfall Room
Buddha Room
The Buddha Room