Class Descriptions

Unless otherwise noted, studio rooms are kept at approx. 73 – 76°

Yoga Fundamentals (Beginner-Friendly)
Ideal for beginners or those who are looking to review the basics, this 75-minute class will help you become more mindful of your own body and your own breath.  This beginner-friendly class offers a slower pace that is perfect for those who want to learn the fundamentals of a vinyasa yoga class.  With emphasis on posture alignment, modifications will be encouraged with the use of blocks, straps and bolsters which will all be made available for you.

Slow Flow (Beginner-Friendly)
This slow flow vinyasa class will ease beginning Yogis into the structure of a flow class.  Focus on breath and alignment, breaking down poses and providing adjustments to help students translate verbal cues to muscle memory.  Props and modifications will be used, allowing each student to find the right version of a pose for their body.   “Demystify” and practice flow, preparing students to enter an All Levels flow class with confidence!  This class is also ideal for any Yogi wanting to hone their alignment or just enjoy a slow flow, as well… not just for Beginners!

Vinyasa All Levels
The focus is on integrating your yogic breathing, proper alignment, settling the mind, finding balance. Energetic, but with a less intense pace than Vinyasa Power Flow, allowing the student to deepen into each pose. Honor your body and your practice, and flow your own way.

Teen All Levels Yoga (Ages 13-17)
•Build Confidence
•Build Inner & Outer Strength
•Increase Flexibility
•Reduce Stress
•Maintain Emotional Balance
•Experience Deep Relaxation
•Become More Connected to Your Body
•Perfect Complement for All Athletics

Vinyasa Power Flow
Our most energetic Flow class. Warms the body, awakens the spirit, gets the heart beating, helps build full-body strength, and allows the muscles to stretch. Plenty of flow and opportunities to try more advanced poses if you wish. Sweat, breathe, find your edge. Accessible for most levels with self-modification – guide your own practice to intensify or moderate.

Power (Warm Room 85-90°)
The class is designed to help you detoxify, enhance your flexibility, and improve your circulation.  This invigorating power flow will take place in a room GENTLY warmed to approximately 85 to 90 degrees. Be prepared to sweat your tension out!  Bring a towel (a hand-sized towel, and a yoga mat-sized towel if you wish), and water to keep yourself hydrated before and after class.  Come bring warmth and vitality to your body, mind and spirit!

Power Flow & Sculpt Fusion (Warm Room 85-90°)
Come try a dynamic fusion of power yoga, body sculpting, static postures with long holds and deep stretching. Strengthen, balance, detoxify, build stamina and exhilarate the body with the emphasis on the unity of prana and movement to create an embodied state of rhythmic flow. This journey allows students to see what their heart will deliver when the practice is deep and unrestrained. Power Yoga Fusion class is a perfect balance of work, sweat, stretch and Ohmmmmmmm! There will be modifications and variations offered for all poses so that the intensity and challenge is up to the individual to explore new boundaries and find the next level of practice.

90 Minute Power Flow w/ Crystal Bowl Sound Bath & Extended Savasana (Warm Room 85-90°)
The class is designed to help you detoxify, enhance your flexibility, and improve your circulation. This invigorating power flow will take place in a room GENTLY heated to approximately 88 to 90 degrees. Be prepared to sweat your tension out! Bring a towel (a hand-sized towel, and a yoga mat-sized towel if you wish), and water to keep yourself hydrated before and after class. Come bring warmth and vitality to your body, mind and spirit! The practice closes with an extended savasana while soaking in the healing sonic landscape of a crystal bowl sound bath.

Slow Flow  (Warm Room 85-90°)
This warmed slow flow class weaves together breath and movement through a calm, sweet flow practice. While this class is a slower pace than regular Vinyasa, it will still challenge and inspire you to deepen your practice. The class consists of Sun Salutations, standing poses, balancing postures, twists, basic inversions, and always ends with a deep, relaxing savasana. Slow Flow is perfect for students who want to learn more about the poses (asanas), explore breath work, or just slow down and deepen into their practice. Emphasis is given to aligning breath and movement, slowing down and paying attention, and relaxing into your own body. This takes place in a heated room which will enhance detoxification, stimulate the glandular systems, and challenge the cardiovascular system while cultivating strength, flexibility, and balance. This class is appropriate for beginners and more experienced students alike.

Fluid® Vinyasa Flow
In this Fluid Yoga® Vinyasa Flow class, we will dynamically link the flowing nature of the breath with mindful, continual movement and creative sequencing. This heat-building vinyasa flow will not only increase strength and flexibility, but also train the mind to be more content and relaxed throughout the most difficult challenges on and off the mat. Using the classical elements as inspiration, we will become grounded and refine our balance with the earth, explore flowing movement and grace in the manner of water, ignite fire within our bodies through core strengthening and detoxification, and empower the air flowing within us through breath control and mind training. All classes end with a guided savasana, to embrace our space element and rejuvenate the spirit. The ultimate goal is for students to leave class feeling peaceful, powerful and full of bliss. Come prepared with an open mind and mindful approach. These classes are ALL LEVELS.

SPA Yoga®
SPA Yoga® is a slow-flow, floor-based, whole-body sensory experience based on Fluid Yoga sequencing. In this all levels class Lia will guide you through a mindful practice engaging all of the senses. Starting with Pranayama, and then moving through postures that progressively open the body and focus the mind. Gently building heat, and offering gentle assists throughout class, we will prepare for longer holds and deeper stretches on the floor. Class will end with an extended guided savasana, as you immerse yourself in newly recovered space in both body and mind. With candlelight, soothing music, and the element of touch, be prepared to feel like you just stepped out of the SPA!

Ashtanga Modified Primary Series (60 minutes)
All Levels Are Welcome! Ashtanga is the original vinyasa yoga and traditionally it is practiced early in the morning while the world, and the mind are still quiet. With meditative focus, the breath moves the body in a set series of postures that are designed to cleanse, heal,  and strengthen the body, mind and spirit.  You will be guided with simple instructions and the counting of breaths, through the traditional standing series and a selection of the seated and finishing poses of the Ashtanga primary series.  All poses are approachable and modifications make it a suitable class for anyone familiar with a flow style of yoga.  This therapeutic practice will leave you feeling energized, invigorated and yet relaxed and ready to greet the day.  Expect there to be hands on assists in this class, and please let the teacher know if this is not  welcome.  Read the Article “Ashtanga Is Vinyasa!.

Gentle Yoga
Experience harmony and balance through this mindful practice designed to reduce stress, release tension and promote relaxation. Emphasis on self-awareness, breath, and honoring the body. No Yoga experience is required. Ideal for beginners, and/or those with injuries.

Yin Yoga
Yin yoga is the the slow paced opposite to Yang (Power, Vinyasa) yoga. Most asana or poses are executed from a seated position and are generally held from 2-5 minutes at a time. These long deep holds will leave you feeling relaxed, open and refreshed.

Rise & Release
This early morning yoga class is designed to help you awaken and energize your body and mind for the rest of the day. A slow flow to warm the body followed by deep stretching and gentle strengthening. Rise up and release tension in your muscles and joints with this energizing sequence which will leave you feeling relaxed and renewed.

Restorative Yoga
We work very hard in our lives, and while we may sleep, we rarely take time to fully rest free of distraction. Think of your practice as a Yoga of ‘being’, rather than a Yoga of ‘doing’. A restorative class can support you in achieving a state of deep physical, mental, and emotional release. We will use props to aid your muscles in relaxing, without stretching and straining into position. The more fully your body is supported, the deeper your sense of surrender will be. The class also includes guided meditation, weekly themes, and an extended savasana (final resting pose). This meditative practice cultivates a holistic balance between body and mind, while dissolving physical and mental tension. For any level student seeking to reduce the effects of stress.

Yin Restorative
Increase your flexibility and soothe your nervous system in this Yin Restorative class. With no standing poses, Yin Yoga offers similar pacing to Restorative yoga. Yin challenges you to cultivate a meditative mind while holding deep passive stretches that don’t just stretch the muscles, but give the fascia, ligaments and tendons a chance to open and restore the natural flow of energy (prana). This class ends with the bliss of several supported and restorative poses and is appropriate for the beginner to the most advanced student.

Candlelight Gentle/Restorative Yoga w/ Extended Savasana
Come back to your center and rediscover your natural inner peace with yoga by candlelight. This rejuvenating practice will ease you gently from your day by shifting your focus inward through a grounding opening meditation, followed by gentle movement to warm the body before releasing into healing restorative postures, and concluding with an extended savasana to seal in the bliss.

Prenatal Yoga
Whether you are a regular yoga practitioner or trying it for the first time, prenatal yoga is a beautiful way to connect with yourself, your health and your baby at any stage of your pregnancy. Build strength, confidence and peace as you ease common discomforts of pregnancy and prepare yourself for childbirth through dynamic flows, restorative poses and deep breathing.

Yoga For Athletes
Whether you love logging in miles on the road, doing laps in the pool, or are a lover of Crossfit WOD’s, this class is for you.  Hardcore Ironman athlete or a casual weekend warrior, yoga can be the perfect complement to your training of choice.  Our resident marathoner, heavy weight lover, and a beginner swimmer, Nari M., will help you discover how yoga can make you a better athlete: improve your strength, range of motion, flexibility, coordination, and balance. This weekly class is designed to best serve the needs of athletes’ bodies.  Each class will present a sequence designed to strengthen, lengthen, and stretch muscles used in the students’ primary sport.  Running, cycling, swimming, and typical strength training imbalances will be addressed.  Sequences will be modified based on the students’ needs and their primary sport.  So come in and find out how yoga can be the perfect complement to your training.

Roll With It: Myofascial Release
A self-maintenance practice that complements your Yoga practice!
This class was designed to explore our myofascial system. Our bodies have a covering of connective tissue called fascia. This fascia wraps and connects the muscles, organs, nerves, and blood vessels.  Restrictive movement, sedentary lifestyle, injuries/disease and/or stress on the body can be demonstrated in the fascia and underlying muscles.  This empowering therapeutic practice can alleviate chronic pain and help establish better postural balance, release deep muscle tension, aid in lymphatic drainage, raise tissue oxygen levels and release endorphins, increase joint range of motion. In this 60-minute class, students will learn how to use therapeutic balls, blocks, props and functional movements to release tight fascia, increase blood flow, and circulation to the soft tissues. We will also break up trigger points that individually cause restrictions, and discomfort.  The outcome is similar to the effect of a deep tissue massage. The goal is to soften and lengthen the fascia, and break down scar tissue or adhesions leaving you feeling lighter, energized and more fluid. The exercises for these sessions are practiced on the floor seated, lying on the back, and the belly. We welcome all Students from a wide variety of backgrounds, ages and degrees of flexibility. From beginner level to more experienced, we hope you leave the class inspired to continue the practice on your own!

Yoga For Scoliosis
Kim is an experienced yoga teacher who has been working one-on-one with pediatric physical therapist Mary Evans DPT, Schroth Certified Therapist. Kim and Mary have designed a yoga class, mindful of the Schroth principles and yoga’s Eight Limb Path. This class will be a safe way for teens with scoliosis to learn and experience yoga. The benefits of yoga are many and this approach will take into consideration the teen’s curves while they learn which yoga postures are appropriate for them. The goal of this class is for teens to gain confidence in their ability to move freely and enhance their mind-body connection while strengthening their core and increasing their flexibility in a fun group setting. As with any new exercise regiment, please consult with your doctor before you begin Yoga for Scoliosis.

Ahimsa Yoga – Contemplative Practice with Teachings of Compassion
Deepen your connection to the teachings of Classical Yoga. Usually translated as “non-harming” or “gentleness,”Ahimsa is not a style of practice, but a foundational element of Yoga philosophy. With Ahimsa as the over-arching theme, each week we will focus on a different teaching from the Yoga Sutra as we move through a slow, meditative sequence of postures, designed to calm the mind through cultivation of a compassionate relationship to self and to other beings.

Adaptive Yoga with Chairs
Adaptive Yoga with Chairs is yoga that supports the needs of each individual participant. In our adaptive yoga class, the postures or asanas are presented to meet the students wherever they are at, whatever their age or physical condition. Yoga using chairs as a prop is accessible and fun, and you don’t need a pre-conceived level of flexibility or physical strength in order to participate. Have you ever thought about giving yoga a try but wondered if you could do it? Have you heard about Yoga with a chair, but thought it would be too easy?  You might be surprised by how much benefit our Chair Yogis have gotten from this outside-the-box practice… come give Adaptive Yoga a try!

Y12SR Yoga of 12-Step Recovery (this class runs once monthly)
Y12SR ( combines the practical tools of the 12-step program with the ancient wisdom of Yoga.  Combining the two creates a model that truly addresses addiction as the physical, mental & spiritual dis-ease that it is.  Y12SR is a 12-step based discussion and Yoga practice open to anyone and everyone dealing with their own addictive behavior or affected by the addictive behavior of others.  This is an open and inclusive group.  All A’s are welcome.  Wear comfortable clothing.  Meetings are by donation.  All levels of yogis welcome as the yoga portion is done at a slower, restorative pace. This is in no way a replacement for 12 step programs, a sponsor or any other addiction therapy. It is offered as another “tool” to help and support us on the path of continued recovery.

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