Class Descriptions

Unless otherwise noted, studio rooms are kept at approx. 71 – 75°

Slow Flow
This slow flow vinyasa class focuses on breath, alignment, and mindful movement.  The teacher will break down poses and help students translate verbal cues to muscle memory. Props and modifications will be offered, allowing each student to find the right version of a pose for their body. This class is ideal for anyone wanting to “sink” into each pose a bit more as it moves more slowly than a typical vinyasa class.  You will also build strength and heat as you hold poses.  Great class for beginners looking to ease into vinyasa!

All Levels Vinyasa
In an All Levels Vinyasa class, the focus is on linking asana (poses) with movement and breath.  You will build heat with Vinyasa (flow) to warm and prepare the body for building strength, balance, and flexibility.  Modifications will be offered so that all levels of practitioners are welcome!

Power Flow
Our most energetic Flow class. Warms the body, awakens the spirit, gets the heart beating, helps build full-body strength, and allows the muscles to stretch. Plenty of flow and opportunities to try more advanced poses if you wish. Sweat, breathe, find your edge. Accessible for most levels with self-modification – guide your own practice to intensify or moderate.

Vinyasa Flow
In this Fluid Yoga® Vinyasa Flow class, we will dynamically link the flowing nature of the breath with mindful, continual movement and creative sequencing. This heat-building vinyasa flow will not only increase strength and flexibility, but also train the mind to be more content and relaxed throughout the most difficult challenges on and off the mat. Using the classical elements as inspiration, we will become grounded and refine our balance with the earth, explore flowing movement and grace in the manner of water, ignite fire within our bodies through core strengthening and detoxification, and empower the air flowing within us through breath control and mind training. All classes end with a guided savasana, to embrace our space element and rejuvenate the spirit. The ultimate goal is for students to leave class feeling peaceful, powerful and full of bliss. Come prepared with an open mind and mindful approach. These classes are ALL LEVELS.

Core-Focused Flow
This 60-minute class will feature dynamic movement with held poses that target all the muscles of the core, not just the abdominals. Core-focused flow is all levels with a focus both on building strength and flexibility, expect to move and sweat!

Gentle Yoga
Experience harmony and balance through this mindful practice designed to reduce stress, release tension and promote relaxation. Emphasis on self-awareness, breath, and honoring the body. No Yoga experience is required. Ideal for beginners, and/or those with injuries.

Gentle Flow & Restore
Find peace in this nurturing class.  Expect gentle movement to warm and soothe the body, mind, and soul followed by still restorative postures, ending with savasana. Give your body the safe space and downtime it needs after movement to calm the nervous system and find a sense of tranquility in stillness.  You will leave feeling calm and rejuvenated!

Gentle Yoga with Functional Movement
In this gentle yoga practice, we will explore moving our bodies in different ways to break out of habitual patterns. We will mindfully weave together somatic movement, yoga asana, yoga flow, and stillness, moving our bodies in healthy ways to support doing all the things we want to do as we age. Movement is Life! Appropriate for All Levels.

Yoga for Hips & Shoulders
Did you know that our shoulders and hips and can hold a lot of tension both physically and mentally? And that flowing movements and deliberate stretches with full, deep breath can help relieve this tension? This weekly 60 minute practice provides you the time to release habitual tension while also building strength into the core and back. Whether you work a desk job, take care of children, or are just feeling stiff, this class is for you. We will incorporate flowing movements, restorative releases, ball rolling, stretching, and core strengthening with profound effects. Whether new to yoga or a seasoned practitioner, you will learn new and improved ways to move improving overall function throughout your day and a clearer mind to attend to all the wonderful things you bring to the world.

Yin Yoga
Unlike active yang yoga, which targets the muscles of the body, the primary intention of Yin yoga is to focus on the dense connective tissues of the body. Yin yoga is believed to help hydrate these connective tissues, assist in removing toxins from the body, prevent the shortening of the tissues around the joints, allow mobility in the joints, and maintain our spinal structure. During these Yin classes, we will bring our bodies into postures to experience moderate levels of sensation, relax the muscles of our intended target area, and remain relatively still in the postures for longer holds.

Hatha Yoga
This class includes yoga poses, breathing practices and meditation/ mindfulness techniques. The class has a strong focus on safe and proper alignment, and breath and body awareness. We work toward strength, steadiness, flexibility, balance, concentration and calming of the mind.  The slower pace of the class with longer holds in poses (compared to flow or Vinyasa classes) allows for attention to detail. Modifications are offered as needed, and the use of props is welcomed. This class is open to all levels and abilities.

Restorative Yoga
Restorative yoga is a practice of slowing down and opening the body through passive stretching, gentle assists and quiet breath. Using blankets, bolsters and blocks to assist in longer holds, restorative yoga gives you a sense of peace and calm in an otherwise busy world. This nurturing class provides students the space and encouragement they need to slow down and allow the breath to support the body. Give your body the safe space and downtime it needs to calm the nervous system and find a sense of peace in stillness.

Prenatal Yoga
RCY info page:
Whether you are a regular yoga practitioner or trying it for the first time, prenatal yoga is a beautiful way to connect with yourself, your health and your baby at any stage of your pregnancy. Build strength, confidence and peace as you ease common discomforts of pregnancy and prepare yourself for childbirth through dynamic flows, restorative poses and deep breathing.

Chair Yoga
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Class includes breathing techniques to quiet busy minds, guided mediation, joint freeing, core integration, balance and poses suitable for all body types comfortable moving from a chair. Options to stand made available during the class.

In this weekly class, you will embark on a path to better bone health if you have a diagnosis of osteopenia or osteoporosis. A consistent yoga practice has been proven to halt bone loss and even improve bone density. Learn ways to reduce the risk of fracture by increasing balance, strengthening muscles, and stimulating new bone cell production. We will utilize props to provide resistance, stability, and variation to familiar postures. Beginners through experienced practitioners are welcome to attend.  Learn more at

Roll With It: Myofascial Release
A self-maintenance practice that complements your Yoga practice!
This class was designed to explore our myofascial system. Our bodies have a covering of connective tissue called fascia. This fascia wraps and connects the muscles, organs, nerves, and blood vessels.  Restrictive movement, sedentary lifestyle, injuries/disease and/or stress on the body can be demonstrated in the fascia and underlying muscles.  This empowering therapeutic practice can alleviate chronic pain and help establish better postural balance, release deep muscle tension, aid in lymphatic drainage, raise tissue oxygen levels and release endorphins, increase joint range of motion. In this 60-minute class, students will learn how to use therapeutic balls, blocks, props and functional movements to release tight fascia, increase blood flow, and circulation to the soft tissues. We will also break up trigger points that individually cause restrictions, and discomfort.  The outcome is similar to the effect of a deep tissue massage. The goal is to soften and lengthen the fascia, and break down scar tissue or adhesions leaving you feeling lighter, energized and more fluid. The exercises for these sessions are practiced on the floor seated, lying on the back, and the belly. We welcome all Students from a wide variety of backgrounds, ages and degrees of flexibility. From beginner level to more experienced, we hope you leave the class inspired to continue the practice on your own!

Props to have handy if you’re taking class online:
  • Therapy Plus Balls or Two tennis balls in a sock
  • Coregeous Ball or a rolled blanket or soft pillow
  • Mat
  • Bolster
  • 2 blocks
  • Strap
  • Blanket

Gentle Yoga with Meditation
This 60 minute class is a blend of gentle yoga and meditation to relax the body and settle the mind. We will explore a weekly theme focused on positivity, self-care and compassion. Experience a practice that can expand your potential for calm and clarity. Appropriate for all levels of yoga and meditation students.

Yoga Nidra
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Yoga Nidra or Yoga Sleep is one of the deepest and most profound meditations one can experience. As you are guided into a deep but conscious relaxation you are able to access and release samskaras (innate tendencies, impressions created by previous actions or thought). Traditionally, Yoga Nidra was used to reach enlightenment.

SPA Yoga®
SPA Yoga® is a slow-flow, floor-based, whole-body sensory experience based on Fluid Yoga sequencing. In this all levels class Lia will guide you through a mindful practice engaging all of the senses. Starting with Pranayama, and then moving through postures that progressively open the body and focus the mind. Gently building heat, and offering gentle assists throughout class, we will prepare for longer holds and deeper stretches on the floor. Class will end with an extended guided savasana, as you immerse yourself in newly recovered space in both body and mind. With candlelight, soothing music, and the element of touch, be prepared to feel like you just stepped out of the SPA!

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