Comfort in Labor

Comfort in Labor
Bethany Leclerc – Birth doula & Childbirth Educator
Becca Schillaci – Birth doula
Friday, March 1st @ 6:30 – 8pm
at Revolution Community Yoga in Acton (downstairs in the Buddha Room)
Pre-registration: $30 per birthing person (and 1 partner)
This workshop needs at least 2 couples to preregister by Feb. 26th in order to run
What to wear: dress comfortably
What to bring: just yourselves
In this workshop you will learn and practice a variety of techniques for finding comfort within the intensity of labor and birth. We will talk about each part of labor (early labor, active labor, transition, and birth) and share the tools and techniques that are beneficial for finding comfort and release in each part. These include movement and positioning, massage, breath, affirmations and the use of various birth tools such as the rebozo, and birth and peanut balls. We will also touch on the emotional aspects of birth and how to use mindful practices to view and help manage labor and birth and even pregnancy. This workshop is ideal for pregnant women to learn how to calmly step into labor regardless of the way you plan to birth. Bring your birth partner so they can confidently support you on your birth day.

Bethany Leclerc CD(DONA), APPAC is a certified birth doula, childbirth educator and placenta encapsulator located in central Mass. She believes having a child is a transformative and beautiful process, and with informed support, can be one of the most magical experiences of our lives, no matter what may lie on our path. Using evidence-based information, physical and emotional comfort tools and a guiding spirit she supports women through pregnancy, labor and birth. As a childbirth educator, trained through CAPPA, and certified DONA doula Bethany strives to help woman feel empowered and in control of their birth experience. She supports all and any type of birth; unmedicated, medicated, home, hospital, and cesarean. Her past has helped her to know the importance of movement and serenity in labor. Before finding her calling in the birth world she spent years performing and teaching multiple types of dance and received a Masters in Arts Administration. After the birth of her first of three children she discovered another career she was able to put her heart into and has been a full-time doula since the birth of her second son in 2014. She knew immediately after her first birth as a doula that being in a role supporting women was exactly where she needed to be.

Becca Schillaci is a professional birth doula supporting women and their families in the Metrowest, Central MA, North Shore, and Boston areas. She provides informational, physical, and emotional support to help women go confidently into parenthood through an empowered pregnancy, labor, and birth. By sharing resources, Becca brings awareness to the options and choices available for labor and birth and she supports women’s choices without judgement. The birth of her son in 2014 was an amazing and powerful experience, made perfect by the support of her loving husband and calming sister. That life-changing, intense, and positive event inspired her to become a birth doula; to be a sister-like presence for other families, that shares in the trust of a mother’s intuition and patience for the process of birth. There is no better job than supporting women during this awesome transformative time of life! Becca loves her work tremendously and is thankful to have been called to it. Becca moved from Boston to Acton in 2017 with her husband and their three fantastic kiddos.