COVID-19 Information

June 30, 2020

Hello RCY Community,

As you may know, Phase 3 of the Massachusetts Reopening process is set to begin on Monday, July 6th.  Phase 3 includes fitness facilities, the category that RCY falls within.  

I have made the very difficult decision to delay the opening of the indoor studio space at RCY until at least the beginning of August.  Our online and outdoor classes will continue full steam ahead, and we will add/change classes as necessary to meet demand.

I know this may be disappointing for some of you, but I want to ask you to bear with us as we take a very careful and mindful approach to reopening during this unprecedented health crisis our world is enduring.  COVID-19 is not gone.  As I mentioned in a previous statement, our #1 priority is the health and safety of our teachers and students – this priority will *always* be our most important guide.  I feel in my heart that in order to protect the best interests of our community, this delay in reopening is the only sound choice for now.

Delaying our reopening will allow us time to gather new and vital data about how reopening goes in other areas, and perhaps in similar settings.  The very foundation of our Yoga practice – deep breathing – is the very thing that could make moving our practice indoors unsafe at this time.  Masks can be worn (and may be required for indoor spaces), but the overarching sentiment from the community is that practicing Yoga in a mask is far from ideal.  We agree.

This decision has come from a place of deep caring for our members.  In our Yoga teachings, we practice Ahimsa – respect for all living things and avoidance of harm toward others.  I feel opening the studio prematurely would be in direct opposition to this teaching.

I am thrilled that so many of you have enjoyed our Zoom offerings with your favorite teachers! The beautiful summer weather will also allow us to come together safely and in person at Gardner Field each day. I continue to feel so grateful for your support, understanding, and flexibility until we can gather in the studio in the safest possible way.

As always, I am open to hearing your feedback.  Please feel free to reach out to me at Kyra@Revolution.Yoga.

With Gratitude,

April 30, 2020
When RCY Reopens…

When the state finally allows non-essential businesses to reopen, we do plan to begin offering classes again, but it will be a slow process and will come with some conditions.

First, I am *not* sure we will reopen the physical space if everyone is required to wear masks. As deep breathing is a key element of any Yoga practice, wearing a mask may impede the teachers and students from being able to do proper and beneficial yogic breathing. This is still something we are exploring.

Second, when we do reopen, we will likely begin with a very sparse in-studio schedule and will continue offering our online classes as well as we understand there may be those who are not comfortable with the in-person class gathering format.

Third, we will be implementing these health and safety precautions (this is not a final list, but it starts here):

  • There will be no in-studio payments – students will need to make all purchases online (even for retail items)
  • Very small class sizes will be required to allow for 6 feet between students/teacher
  • Pre-registration will be required for in-studio classes by 1 hour before class. No drop-ins.
  • No water cooler usage – students will need to bring their own water
    Best practices will be used for overall cleaning and disinfecting procedures
  • Students will need to bring all their own props – we will not be loaning our studio props out at all for an indefinite period of time.
  • Students will need to bring and wear a face covering that covers the nose and mouth
  • All entering the studio will be asked to sanitize their hands upon entering
  • We will be asking anyone with any health symptoms that could be associated with COVID-19 to refrain from coming into the studio.
  • We will be asking that anyone who has had direct exposure with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 to refrain from coming into the studio unless they have gone through a 14-day isolation period.

Please stay tuned as we will be keeping the RCY community updated. I suggest you follow our FaceBook page:
Join our mailing list as this is the main way we communicate with members:

Please direct questions or comments to RCY’s Assistant Studio Manager, Jenny Meshna, at

March 12, 2020
IMPORTANT:  Closing RCY Temporarily

Dear RCY Community,

I have made the gut-wrenching decision to temporarily close RCY as of tonight, Thursday, March 12th, after the last class ends.  Plan on the studio being closed through March 31st.  We will assess reopening at that time.

I can’t in good conscience provide a space where teachers and students (and those who they come in contact with) are put at risk if they attend a class.  We can make all our best efforts to sanitize the studio (and we have!), but we can’t guarantee that will keep anyone safe from this virus.  It is my responsibility as the studio owner to take appropriate action that makes our community members’ health the #1 priority.

We will be working diligently to figure out the best way to offer some on-line classes during this temporary closure.  Thank you in advance for your patience as we chart new territories, I will be in touch just as soon as the details are ironed out… hopefully in short order!

In the meanwhile, we will of course suspend all monthly auto-renew accounts, and the expiration dates on class packages will be extended appropriately.

Please reach out to me with questions, concerns, or for anything at all.

Thank you,
Kyra Marino
RCY Owner

March 10, 2020
IMPORTANT: COVID-19 Information from RCY

1) We will be phasing out the use of *all* studio props over the next week. This includes: Yoga Mats, Blocks, Straps, Blankets, Bolsters, Eye Pillows, etc… from now on until further notice.

2) We recommend you bring to class your own: yoga mat, strap, blocks, a large towel (in lieu of a blanket), a pillow (in lieu of a bolster), and anything else you’d like. We will have some items for sale at the studio, and you can also purchase your owns props at reasonably low costs at places like TJ Maxx, Target, or on line at places like Yoga Direct (

3) If you are sick with any type or severity of symptom, please do not come in for class. You can read more about COVID-19 symptoms at and

4) Thoroughly wash/sanitize your hands before and after class, and practice the basic protective measures noted on the World Health Organization web site:

5) Door knobs and other commonly-touched hard surfaces will be disinfected at least twice daily. We also have a supply of disinfectant sprays, disinfectant wipes, and other cleaners available for use at the studios.

6) Until further notice, teachers will refrain from giving hands-on assists to students. If you need assistance from a teacher during class, please let them know.

7) We will be investigating ways to offer on-line classes if needed – stay tuned.

I welcome any and all questions, thoughts, & feedback. Please feel free to reach out to me directly at

Thank You & Be Well!
Kyra Marino
Owner / Manager
Revolution Community Yoga