Crystal Bowl Sound Immersion

Crystal Bowl Sound Immersion

w/ Laura Hackel
Saturday, July 11th @ 6:30pm
$25 Registration fee

Since the bowls will be coming to you online, here are few ways you can  have your best experience: 

1. Find yourself a comfy spot where you can lie down if you choose
2. Use headphones for best sound quality
3. Plan to join 10 minutes early so you can make sure you have plenty of time to get set up
4. Make a request in advance not to be disturbed 🙂 

Possibilities. You enter this life with so many of them. But then, somewhere along the way, you seem to have fewer and fewer of them. Your life can feel like a well-worn track. Where did all the possibilities go? They still exist, but beliefs, ideas and patterns acquired over a lifetime tend to bury them. Crystal Bowl Healings work to quickly shift your vibrational energy field and release whatever is limiting you; Whether it’s a belief that you have enough and it would be selfish to want more, or that you don’t deserve to have what you want in life. As you sit or lay in a meditative state, I play the bowls, allowing the beautiful sounds and vibrations to work their magic in your energy field. The bowls play differently each time, affected by the energy in the room and what is needed to help you release old patterns. By the end of the session, you will be ready for the new possibilities that are about to walk right into your life!

The crystal bowls are for you if you are:

  • Stuck in any area of your life
  • Wanting to experience more out of life but aren’t sure how
  • Experiencing self- sabotaging patterns
  • Wanting to make a change in life but aren’t sure how
  • Wanting to make changes at your own pace

Come discover the power of intentionally releasing and being open to what the universe is calling for you to bring into your life!

Revolution Community Yoga
537 Massachusetts Avenue
Acton, MA 01720

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