Door Locking Policy

Being On-Time For Classes & RCY’s Door Locking Policy

Hello RCY Community,

Please take a few moments to read this important message about RCY’s Door Locking Policy currently in effect. The policy is that the doors will be locked at the beginning of each class so that anyone arriving late does not disrupt the class already in session. There have been complaints from students at RCY about other students coming into class late, so this is definitely a topic that needs addressing.

I would like to request that everyone show respect for your teacher and the other students, and please do not cause an audible disruption if you find you have been locked out of class. If you have an issue, please contact me directly at Also please note that there may be times when teachers forget to lock the door, or they may choose to make exceptions (and their judgment will be trusted). These instances do not indicate that the door locking policy is not in effect.

As a community, let’s work to have our rule of thumb be to arrive early, leaving enough time to put shoes, etc. quietly to the side, and then be on our mats ready to begin at the scheduled class start time.

I have been told this door locking policy seems unwelcoming and un-Yogic. Those are difficult words for me as the studio owner to hear as it is my sincere hope that all RCY students are able to take their classes and get what they need. The question I am faced with is: Do we protect those who were on time for class from the disruptions of late comers, or do we excuse tardiness so the late comers can get their Yoga practice in? There’s no straightforward answer because I know there are people who really, really need that Yoga class, and when they are late and can’t come in, I know it is very disappointing. I am sincerely sorry about that. The thought of that upsets the teachers, too. Unfortunately, either way it happens, someone’s going to be negatively impacted, and the studio needs to make a choice about how to handle it. To me, it only seems fair to have a policy that if you are late, you cannot come into class.

Obviously, myself and the teachers realize that life happens, and that this ideal scenario of being early enough to be totally ready to go cannot always be the case. However, if you are the person who is running late for whatever reason (and it may be a truly valid one), I ask that you reflect on this question: Is it fair to expect that the rest of the class should be disrupted so you can come in late?

In closing, I will say that each and every one of you are an important part of our community. We truly want you all to get the benefit of your Yoga practice. When someone arrives late and cannot come into class, it is not punishment for the late student, it is respectfully protecting the students who arrived on time.

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