June 23: Energetic Liberation Intensive w/ Jacqui Bonwell

Energetic Liberation Intensive:

Restorative Flow w/ Reiki Assists, Meditation & Sound Healing
w/ Jacqui Bonwell & Keri Straka, Reiki Assistant
Thursday, June 23 @ 7:30 – 9:45pm
$40 Early Bird Registration / $50 after June 20th

Just because a car can drive 100mph doesn’t mean it makes sense to do that.  When you go 55mph, you need less service, it’s better on oil and has less problems.  It moves efficiently.  Don’t ever think that slowing down isn’t actually speeding things up and giving them a longevity they wouldn’t have without taking some genuine care.  A super slow, restorative flow with hands on Reiki assists from me & my Reiki assistant, Keri Straka.  A powerful way to gather your energy & plug back into source energy.  It’s that cellular arrangements that allows for you to have the energy of all your life requires.

Jacqui Bonwell
Hello, I am Jacqui Bonwell:   500hr Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT-500), Level 1 Balanced Athlete ™ Certified coach, Level 1 FMS Functional Movement Systems) certified, Reiki Master, Yoga Life Coach, Director of the Sacred Seeds Yoga School (RYS-200hr level, RYS-500hr level) in the Boston/New England area and Owner of the Canton Yoga Shala in Canton, MA. I hold a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Sociology from the University of Rhode Island.  I work primarily with Yoga Teachers through my 200hr & 300hr Yoga Teacher Training certification programs. Additionally, I provide Life Coaching to help yoga students deepen their practice and apply the teachings to their everyday lives.  My most important credential and greatest training has been Motherhood… [Read more about Jacqui at //yogaacton.com/jacqui-bonwell/]

Keri Straka
Coming from a background in sculpture with a Master of Fine Art in ceramics, Keri has been teaching studio art classes for over a decade in the greater Boston area. She is now very excited to bring her warmth and passion for teaching into the yoga studio. An avid yogi and enthusiastic life long learner, Keri is a 200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher having completed Jacqui Bonwell’s Sacred Seeds Yoga School training. In addition she is a certified Radiant Child Yoga Teacher (level I&II), a Yin Yoga instructor, and a level I Reiki healer. Keri specializes in teaching all level vinyasa yoga classes that are mindful of cultivating healthy and safe movements, that link body and breath. With this foundation, students create an awareness of how to shift stagnant patterns to create deeper physical harmony. Keri is motivated by curiosity, creativity and compassion for the individual human experience. Her classes are playful, lighthearted, and accessible to all.

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