Nov. 21: How to Manage Energy Fields

How to Manage Energy Fields

w/ Alex Amorosi – ERYT
Saturday, Nov. 21st @ 1:30 – 3:30pm
$35 Pre-registration / $45 day of the workshop (if space available)
A minimum of 6 people must register by Nov. 18th in order for this workshop to run

November 21st
How to Manage Energy Fields

As you begin to understand your connection to energy, you begin to notice the Energy Fields of other people, places, and things. We will discuss how to sense the changes in these energy fields and how to keep your own field clear as you make your way through the “energy web” of every day life. When you learn to understand and feel energy fields, you can begin to navigate life with a sixth sense that you use to see the deeper reality of the world and bring greater peace to yourself and others.  Especially good class for Highly Sensitive Personalities and Empaths. For this workshop please bring an object that is of great personal significance, if possible something you have had for at least 3-5 years.


Alex Amorosi webAlex Amorosi – ERYT is a Registered Yoga Teacher offering classes, workshops, retreats, and teacher trainings in greater New England and around the world. Alex specializes in the anatomical, physiological, and neurological effects of yoga poses, breathing, and meditation on the body and brain. He conducts trainings for yoga teachers in experiential anatomy and therapeutic yoga. Alex is the Co-Creator and Co-Director of The HYP Studios Yoga Instructor Immersion and a 2012/2013 Lululemon Ambassador… {More}