CANCELLED: Explore New Yoga Practice Perspectives

Explore New Yoga Practice Perspectives
w/ Christine Fox
Saturday, March 17th @ 1 – 3pm
$30 Pre-registration / $40 day of workshop

Take a traditional pose, such as Mountain and do it lying down. Think standing half-moon and do one part, the lifting of your top leg, side lying on the floor. Trying poses in such a way, shifts the poses’ relationship to gravity. In both these cases, the effort is less because we are not standing up to do the pose. Standing up in these poses require more effort than lying down. While lying down, since there is less overall effort, we can isolate and explore certain actions with more focus and felt experience. After exploring these actions, we will take the poses back upright. I will invite you to recall those actions you just did lying down, taking time to create harmony among them. Notice what happens! Next, notice what happens when I ask you to recall those mountain pose “imprints” while doing hand-to-big toe pose. Notice what happens when we do hand-to-big toe pose on the floor and have you recall those imprints while doing warrior 3 standing up. In this workshop you will gain knowledge that Yoga is movement–how we get into the poses and what’s happening within–not just the final poses and shapes we take. How does your understanding of yoga shift when you move by actions from within to get into a pose or shape, versus just moving limbs a certain distance, direction, or degree? You may notice that how you get there makes all difference. You might find that you do not have to “fix” the pose after you have gotten there. You will:

• Familiarize yourself with actions happening within to safely and consciously move into and out of poses.
• Apply those actions across different postures.
• Find more comfort in poses since moving in this way encourages you to stay within your own range of motion.
• Find a new way of “being” in the same pose you have always practiced.

There will be three parts to this workshop: 1) exploration from different perspectives and imprinting actions, 2) a break including a brief reflection on the workshop so far, and 3) a guided slow flow practice with the poses we explored to allow the opportunity to “put it all together”.

My hope is that this workshop will leave you more informed, excited, and curious about movement.

Christine Fox

Christine teaches Vinyasa Flow, Gentle, and Restorative Yoga classes.  She is known for her ability to craft intelligent and creative sequences inspired by her own practice and study of Yoga.  In Christine’s classes, you can expect specific instructions to create postures to bring more strength and flexibility to the body,and, you can expect to be guided to bring the body, mind, and spirit into the present moment.  Each student is offered a profound opportunity to practice skillfulness in action.  This mindfulness is the essence of the practice of Yoga.  Mindfulness cultivates the ability to notice habits and patterns, to listen to the feedback the body is giving (not the mind), and, based on this feedback, to make adjustments to support your practice in the present moment from a compassionate point of view.

Christine graduated from Regis College with a B.A. in Mathematics and from Lesley University with an M.S. in Business.  She is currently pursuing an M.Ed. in Special Education.  She completed her 500 hour training with Barbara Benagh at Down Under School of Yoga and her 200 hour training with KripaluCenter for Yoga and Health.

She is also a certified Kripalu Yoga in the Schools teacher and delivers a research-based curriculum to foster self-regulation skills to adolescents. In addition, she has a teaching certification from Creative Kids Yoga to help children trust their intuition and move with intention through a variety of activities that are woven into the learning of Yoga postures, breathing techniques, and creative movement.  She is passionate and joyful about bringing Yoga to kids and teens.

​Christine has been practicing Yoga since 2000. Her practice has evolved over the years and it was when she started a family that she embraced her Yoga practice more than ever. It was her way to stay present, have compassion for herself, and better understand the connection with body, mind, breath, and spirit. This enriched her connection to her loved ones. Practicing Yoga gives her strength to explore the edges of her comfort zone–to be curious about possibilities. Her respect and joy for Yoga have her wanting to share this ancient practice with others to explore, together, possibilities in living with mindfulness and heartfelt intention.

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