Fall 2023 New & Returning Classes

Fall 2023 New & Returning Classes
at Revolution Community Yoga + Fitness
In West Acton, MA at 525 + 537 + 541 Massachusetts Avenue • West Acton Villageworks 
Register for classes at our online schedule: https://yogaacton.com/class-schedule/
For scheduling questions email: info@yogaacton.com
This page will be continually updated as Fall 2023 approaches!

• 5:30am Power Flow (45 min. flow class followed by optional meditation) w/ Meaghan Brazell (begins Sept. 11th)
• 10:30am Roll With It (switching starts times from 11am to 10:30am) with Jen Mast (new time begins Sept. 11th)
• 6pm Beginner Basics & Beyond w/ Karen O’Neil (begins Sept. 11th)

• 12pm Barre w/ Jen Walsh (begins Sept. 5th)
• 2pm Yoga For Longevity w/ Karen O’Neil (begins Sept. 12th)
• 4:15pm Kids Yoga w/ Julie Iatron (begins Sept. 12th)

• 10:30am Yin Yoga w/ Brenda Lusher (begins Sept. 13th)
• 3:30pm Teen Yoga w/ Lelia Leary (begins Sept. 13th)
• 6:30pm Classical Hatha Yoga w/ Jean Popovich (begins Sept. 13th)
• 7pm Candlelight Restorative Yoga w/ Wendy Ansdell (begins Sept. 6th)

• 3:15 – 4:15pm Tween Yoga w/ Julie Iatron (begins Sept. 14th)
• 6pm Barre w/ Kim Whitkanack (begins Sept. 14th)

• 6pm SPA Yoga w/ Lia Romani (begins Sept. 8th)


• 4pm Vinyasa Flow w/ Saundra Holt (begins Sept. 10th)
• 5:30pm Yin Yoga w/ Saundra Holt (begins Sept. 10th)