Family Yoga with Kids Ages 4 Plus

Family Yoga with Kids Ages 4+
At Revolution Community Yoga and Fitness in the Upper Studio at 525 Mass. Ave. (next to Acton Coffee House)
$25 for 2 Family Members / $10 for each additional family member

Sun., July 14th @ 2 – 3pm w/ Meaghan Brazell • {REGISTER}
Sun., Aug. 11th @ 2 – 3pm w/ Meaghan Brazell • {REGISTER}
Sun., Sept. 15th @ 2 – 3pm w/ Meaghan Brazell • {REGISTER}

Come explore yoga together! In this class you’ll have fun with movement and play to become more aware of your body and breath.  Together, your family will learn partner poses and breathing techniques that will foster relaxation, strength and flexibility of both body and mind. Come join us for a unique opportunity to promote family wellness and deepen the bond between you and your family members. All abilities and levels of experience welcome.

Please note: This class features games and activities that may include gentle touching, such as holding hands or partner poses.  Participants are always encouraged to self-advocate for bodily autonomy and express if they would not like to be touched.

Meaghan Brazell Yoga Instructor at Revolution Community Yoga and Fitness in Acton, MA

Meaghan Brazell

Yoga Instructor Meaghan Brazell is an RYT-200 yoga teacher and NASM-certified personal trainer. She completed her 200-hour yoga teacher training at Revolution Community Yoga in 2022 and received her Kids Yoga Teacher certification from Open Doors Yoga in 2013. Meaghan is currently enrolled in the 300-hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training at Down Under Yoga, graduating in December 2024. Meaghan began her yoga practice in 2012 and it soon became a way of life. She knows first-hand how having a dedicated yoga practice can help to get us through life’s challenges. She loves how an asana (physical) practice is a metaphor for life “off the mat,” teaching patience, flexibility, and learning to have comfort in one’s own strength. Meaghan’s background in early education comes through in the humor and lightness she brings to her classes.