Flow & Restore 90 Minute Workshop

Flow & Restore 90 Minute Workshop
w/ Nari Malkhasyan @ RCY Acton
Saturday, October 13th @ 1 – 2:30pm in the Loft
Suggested Donation $20
All proceeds go to Nari’s Habitat for Humanity Global Village trip to Nepal in the Spring of 2019. This is Nari’s 7th trip with Habitat, and 5th as a team leader.

Our lives are full of to do lists, responsibilities, plans, and goals. Make some time to come back to yourself in the here and now, still your mind and find yourself in the present moment by combining movement awareness and breath. The FLOW AND RESTORE workshop is about giving yourself the gift of self-care while also giving compassionately to Habitat for Humanity International.

The Workshop, taught by Nari Malkhasyan, is a 90-minute combination of slow, deep, nourishing yoga flow, meditation, and a cuddle session with the bolster for some restorative yoga, leaving you in a blissful extended Savasana.

All proceeds go to Nari’s Habitat for Humanity Global Village trip to Nepal in the Spring of 2018. This is Nari’s 7th trip with Habitat, and 5th as a team leader.

Based on the last government census, 49 percent of the population of Nepal lives in substandard housing. The housing need was compounded by the 2015 earthquakes that affected more than 30 districts and the flooding in August 2017 that caused devastation in 35 districts. As of May 2018, only about 20 percent of the nearly 800,000 houses damaged or destroyed by the earthquakes have been repaired or rebuilt, while the reconstruction of more than 190,000 homes affected by the flood is yet to begin. Following natural disasters, Habitat Nepal’s goal is to help families not only rebuild durable homes but also to return to schools, jobs and communities that can help them create a pathway to permanence. By attending this fundraiser class you will be partnering with Habitat Nepal to become a part of this great, much-needed effort.

So serve yourself and serve others by joining us for the RESTORE AND FLOW Workshop on Saturday, October 13th, 2018, at 1 pm. The recommended donation is $20, cash or check made out to Habitat for Humanity International.

Nari Malkhaysan croppedNari Malkhasyan began her yoga journey 15 years ago when she first stepped on the mat seeking an escape from the stresses of her daily life. Instead, the practice made her feel more connected to life and to her true self. Nari received her RYT 200 training from Inner Power Yoga in Northern Virginia in 2012, and has had the good fortune to practice with teachers such as Andrea Fotopoulos, Schuyler Grant, Isauro Fernandez, and Shiva Rea since. Her teaching is inspired by her background in Iyengar and fueled by her natural desire to marry the body and mind with breath and movement. At present, her practice is a complement for her passion for distance running (first ultra race coming in September 2018), and she loves helping other runners discover how yoga can help them elevate their running. Nari teaches with compassion, making yoga practice accessible to students at all levels, while encouraging them to challenge their limits and discover their own possibilities. Outside of her yoga practice, Nari is a vegan, a traveler, and a runner.