Gong Sound Immersion

Gong Sound Immersion
w/ Lauren Aloisio at RCY in the Upper Studio at 525 Mass Ave
Saturday, March 18th @ 6:30 – 7:30pm
$35 Pre-registration / $45 day of event

Join Lauren for this transformative meditation practice of immersing into the vibrations and sound elicited by the gong. The gong is one of the most powerful transformative sound tools that energetically recalibrates the body at a cellular level. The gong has deep, historical roots in the wellness space for releasing stagnant energy, increasing mental clarity, relief from pain and anxiety, and creating a renewed sense of well-being.

Class will begin with setting intentions for your journey, a guided meditation followed by a soundscape of gongs and more.

It is highly encouraged to bring anything to maximize your comfort while laying/sitting down during the experience. Of note, the body temperature typically drops during deep, meditative journeys…cozy socks, blankets and pillows are recommended! You may also want to bring a journal/pen to write down your intentions or reflections from your experience.

Health considerations:

  • If you wear hearing aids, it is recommended to turn off for your experience due to the high/low resonating sounds the gong creates.
  • While sound meditation is relatively safe, if you are pregnant, have significant cardiac problems or highly sensitive to sounds it is recommended to discuss with a medical professional prior to attending.
  • Avoid heavy meals, alcohol, and caffeine prior to your experience.

Lauren Aloisio is a registered nurse, sound practitioner, reiki master teacher, breathwork facilitator and intuitive guide. Lauren created New Moon Wellness in 2019 to help people relax, reduce stress, find clarity and balance their mind, body and soul. Lauren has been a registered nurse in downtown Boston since 2010 and an energy practitioner since 2014. In 2015, Lauren was diagnosed with Stage III Metastatic Melanoma and through her journey, she found incredible solace in calming her body and mind through the use of reiki and sound meditation. Lauren’s mission is to bring more education, awareness and access to the integration of wellness practices into the mainstream hospitals and healthcare system. You can learn more about Lauren here… www.newmoonwellnesslauren.com.