Grief Support & Advent Wreath Workshop

Hope & Community:
Grief Support & Advent Wreath Workshop to Navigate the Holiday Season

w/ Courtney Latta, Lauren Bradley, & Mary Desmond
Saturday, Nov. 25th @ 3 – 5pm in the RCY Loft
$25 Registration / $35 day of workshop

This time of year there are many external demands about joy. It can leave the grieving heart to feel isolated and aching further. Please join us as we share stories of hope and loss while holding space for heavy hearts. Attendees will create advent wreaths that can be used to find small moments of hope, peace, joy, and love each week. During this workshop guests will have the opportunity to share, listen, belong and be seen while finding hope during this holiday season.

Guests are invited to bring a picture or memento to share with the group of someone they are longing for this holiday season.

Ginny’s Hope Garden
Grief doesn’t have to be sad, all the time.

Courtney Latta, Grief Educator and Mindfulness Specialist
Courtney has experienced loss intermittently throughout her life starting with this loss of both parents at age 13. Despite ongoing losses Courtney has found deeper meaning through mindfulness and meditation and through the eyes of her children. Courtney believes in holding space for others and connecting through empathy and community. Courtney is currently a special educator at the secondary level holding two master’s degrees. Additionally, Courtney holds a mindfulness certification, reiki II practitioner, and a certified grief educator.

Lauren Bradley, Grief Educator and Pregnancy Loss Specialist
Lauren is a bereaved mother and mother to a newborn baby. Lauren has found purpose in witnessing grief and sharing stories as we so desperately need community in life after loss. Lauren is a special educator at the secondary level holding a masters degree in education. Lauren has completed the Grief Educator program and attends various grief support groups.

Mary Desmond, Grief Educator, Vocational Specialist and Positive Life Coach
Mary is a special education teacher and Transition Specialist at the Secondary level. Holding a masters degree in Education and a certificate in Transition. Mary has completed the Grief Educator program and is certified in Positive Leadership.

Certified Grief Educators completed a certificate program designed by world-renowned grief expert, David Kessler. They bring his unique methodology, tools, and decades of experience to help people navigate the challenges of grief.