April 22: In the Eye of the Gongspace w/ Mitch Nur

gongimageIn the Eye of the Gongspace
w/ Mitch Nur
Saturday, April 22nd @ 2pm
$40 pre-registration / $50 day of event

From ancient times right to the present, the Gong has been seen as a powerful tool for ritual, ceremony, and transformation. From its earliest beginnings, the Gong was seen as a powerful medium to celebrate important events or to signal the purification of spiritual integrity. Today, the Gong enjoys immense popularity as a Meditation support, in Yoga training, and Sound Therapy. Many see the Gong as a portal for personal healing and renewal.

mitch2-2Hosted by Mitch Nur, PhD who has been playing the Gong for nearly 45 years, and offers Gong training’s worldwide. He hosts an annual Gong Camp each year, as well as 2 Advanced Study programs. Mitch’s personal collection of over 50 hanging Gongs is one of the largest collections in North America. His knowledge on Gong history, and the cultures who use them, through Archeomusicology and Archaeology has earned the respect of academics worldwide. He is one of the few professional musicians who composes music for the Gong, and he acts as a consultant to some of the largest musical instrument distributors in the world.

This performance at Revolution Community Yoga will feature large Gongs, and a presentation that extends far beyond the usual common Gong Bath. Participants are encouraged to layout in Savasana, so bring a comfortable mat, blanket, and pillow if you wish. Please arrive a minimum of 20 minutes early to find a spot and settle in. Mitch will be available to answer any questions after the performance. The complexities of the tonal range of the Gong can be quite penetrating, at times peaceful, and at other times compelling. Participants are asked to experience this with deep listening and to process the energies with discriminating awareness.


Revolution Community Yoga
537 Massachusetts Avenue
Acton, MA 01720