Integrating Mudras Into Your Mindfulness Practices

Integrating Mudras Into Your Mindfulness Practices
w/ Shubhada Wavikar
Hosted by Revolution Community Yoga
Online Sunday, January 17th @ 2 – 3:15pm
Registration is $20 {REGISTER}

Mudras are hand and body gestures used in many traditions from yoga to Indian dance. Yoga mudras are often gestures with the hands and fingers. Mudras are easy to perform. They can help with the flow of prana, boost concentration, help ease symptoms of some common ailments, and encourage peace. Certain mudras are used to balance elements in the body. Each mudra is said to have a specific effect on the mind and body.

In this class we will practice some meditative mudras, mudras related to the elements, therapeutic mudras and mudras related to the chakras. We will also explore the use of mudras in our asana practice.

Shubhada Wavikar

Originally from India, I see yoga as a way of life, a philosophy for living. I have great appreciation for the mind, body, breath and soul connection of yoga. I am deeply interested in all of yoga’s teachings and practices – including, and beyond, āsana.

Yoga, to me, is an incredible – often transformative – blessing that should be accessible to everyone – to all bodies and all abilities. I embarked on the teaching journey a few years ago to deepen my own practice, and to be able to humbly share this legacy with others. Each student is a teacher, and I look forward to a continued exchange of learning.

I received my 200 hour and 300 hour teacher training at The Yoga Studio in Millis, MA, and an additional 300 hour teacher training at Down Under Yoga, MA. I am trained as a Divine Sleep ® Yoga Nidra teacher. I am also a certified Kidding Around Yoga (KAY) Teacher (for kids’ yoga), and teach at a daycare. I have several continuing education hours in senior yoga, and teach chair yoga at three senior living facilities. When not on my mat, I love being outdoors, gardening and hiking.