Jacqui Bonwell Online Workshops

Join Jacqui Bonwell Online @ RCY!
Everything but the Kitchen Sink*

Monday, July 6th @ 7:30 – 9pm
Pre-registration $20
*This workshop is not recorded by RCY





By having a fully guided, marked moment, for each of the following practices, by themselves, yet each contributing to the WHOLE PICTURE:
• Pranayama
• Meditation
• Chanting
• The Entire Block 1 of Balanced Athlete ™
• Sacred Seeds Yoga Flow for Energetic Cleansing & Emotional Alignment
• Ball Rolling
• Restoration
• Savasana

Right before the class you will want to send them and email with this info, or have this as a cover page to ZOOM when they log on for the class so they can gather props…
Strap, necktie, long towel rolled the long way or even a leash works!
Cushion or pillow for meditation if you prefer.
A block or anything block~like. I have used a roll of paper towels. Even a football : )
2 tennis balls. If you have lacrosse balls they are more intense but work well if you like deeper pressure.
A PVC pipe/broom handle/swiffer or any dowel-type of stick about 2.5′ long/30 inches but don’t go crazy.
A Bolster or a pillowcase filled with towels. Using just towels or blankets rolled up to function as a homemade bolster works too.
A Blanket for weight or warmth if you prefer.
A good old fashioned eye pillow or folded face cloth if you like.

I heard once, “a good teacher becomes progressively unnecessary.” I am not interested in teaching you a “Yoga class” as much as I am interested in teaching you concrete, everyday SKILLS & RESOURCES you can visit YOURSELF for, daily. To teach you these ancient Indian, Buddhist & North American recommendations that can be used to help you unite with yourself. To orient & awaken the full range of your skillset.

Jacqui Bonwell
Being a Mother, Sister, Granddaughter, Friend, Wife and neighbor are just as important to me as my “professional” accomplishments. I deeply thank my teachers: Johnny Gillespie, Pat Iyer, Rolf Gates & David Vendetti. They’ve taught me that true enlightenment can be found in the mundane and that God is in the eyes & hearts of all people. Deep bow to all of the roots of these ancient, helpful practices. Great thanks to India for the wise sages and teachers who have ethically handed down this practice through time and verbal tradition. I am honored to have trained and graduated hundreds of students from my teaching Apprenticeships, Certifications and Basic & Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Programs est. 2011. I am an E-RYT-500hr Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher, a YACEP Continuing Ed Provider, Balanced Athlete ™ Level 2 Coach, Co-Author of Migrations: An Almanac For the Soul, Yin Yoga & Meditation Certified, Director of the Sacred Seeds Yoga School & Curriculum, Owner of a private Yoga studio (The Canton Yoga Shala in Canton, MA) and creator of the Clinically Informed Restorative Yoga Program (The CLIR Program.) I do Motivational Speaking for everyone and everything from schools to social service/crisis jobs to corporate America and with a mission of service, I ALWAYS encourage my teachers to take Yoga into populations that don’t have it. Many of my teachers teach in prisons, crisis situations, hospitals, nursing homes, with Veterans, children and cancer survivors. I have been a New England Presenter for the past 10 years for Yoga Reaches Out at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, MA. I am the recipient of the “Veterans Award” 2019 awarded by the hospital to honor someone’s fundraising efforts.My team of “birds” & I have raised over $420,000 for charity JUST through Yoga at the time of this writing. I’ve spent a significant amount of time training Yoga teachers in MA, NH & Maine also. I consider Maine my second home and have been a 7 time headliner for the Maine Yoga Festival. Through the students and people that have been purposefully placed in my life I know that the divine exists here on earth. [ Read more about Jacqui at https://www.jacquibonwellyoga.com ]