Kelly Gaudreau

Kelly Gaudreau, a mother and veteran high school English teacher, spent most of her twenties working, going to school, tutoring, coaching, and pushing herself through grueling exercises and long-distance runs. Her external pursuit of perfection became more of an internal sickness, mostly channeled through exercise. As the years went on, she ran farther and faster on less fuel. No matter how far or how fast she ran, it was never enough. This woman, who had patience and compassion for everyone, could not extend those sentiments to herself. By her early thirties, she was no longer strong — just thin, and sore, and tired. As she looked into the faces of her impressionable young daughters who emulated her every move, she decided she could no longer treat herself that way. If she wanted her own girls to grow up to be strong, confident, and kind to themselves, she needed to model that for them. But how?

It was then that a friend recommended yoga simply to reset. By that point, the only experience she’d had with yoga was a Jillian Michaels DVD — and that was pure hell. After assuring Kelly that no yoga teacher would scream at her to do chaturangas until she cried, her friend simply stated, “Look, I promise it will be nice. You only get an hour a day to yourself — I want you to enjoy it.” That was hard to argue with. After smiling (and laughing at herself) through her first beginner’s class, Kelly got to savasana and realized what she had been missing all along. Yoga requires you to listen to your body, focus on your breath, respect yourself and others, and give yourself time to rest and reflect at the end of each practice. Yoga was the opposite of what she had been doing for a decade; it was the most beautiful gift she’d ever received. This paradigm shift from endless competition to mindfulness allowed Kelly to achieve what she had been pretending to have for so long: health, happiness, confidence, and strength.

Kelly is an immutable student and teacher, so naturally she turned her passion into something she could study intensely and share with others. After taking the 200 hr course with Cindy Boulter, the embodiment of what it means to be both student and teacher, Kelly was inspired to pay things forward and introduce others to the rewards of yoga. As a joyful and lighthearted instructor, Kelly does not promise you enlightenment; but, she does invite you to take an hour to enjoy yourself.