Nov. 2nd: Part 1 of Living Whole w/ Jane Ayres

jane ayresLiving Whole
a 3 Part Series w/
Jane Ayres, M.A., LMHC
Sundays 1:30-3pm
Part I “Mind” on Nov. 2nd  { REGISTER }
Part II  “Body” on Dec. 7th  { REGISTER }
Part III “Spirit” on Jan. 4th  { REGISTER }
Registration $25 per workshop

Part I ~ “Mind”  { REGISTER }
The power of our thinking habits…Cognitive-Behavioral strategies to modify our thinking, resulting in a healthier perspective. Topics include:

  • We are part of nature
  • Thought patterns and their impact on emotional health
  • Negative impact of seeking perfection
  • Using positive focus to change our interpretation of “crises”
  • Acknowledging ourselves and others
  • Importance of daily relaxation (Progressive Relaxation Technique with the use of imagery will be experienced.)
  • EMDR – Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing will be discussed as a technique to relieve stress, desensitize traumas, in addition to enhancing performance and creativity.

Part II ~ “Body”  { REGISTER }
The direct role that physiology (mineral toxicities and deficiencies) has in depression, anxiety, learning disabilities, etc. Topics include:

  • The role our physiology has in the development of depression, anxiety, OCD, learning disabilities, etc.
  • Significant ‘emotional’ mineral ratios
  • Origins of our mineral imbalance
  • Hair analysis recommending natural detoxification and rebalancing of the body, thus preventing dependence on pharmaceuticals.
  • Correlation between mineral toxicities and our epidemic diagnosis of Autism.
  • Testing and rebalancing of our brain hormones, i.e., Serotonin, Dopamine, Norepinephrine, etc. with the use of natural amino acids will be presented.

Part III ~ “Spirit”  { REGISTER }
Our beliefs and values which we are unable to see or measure, creating a firm foundation for coping with our lives. Topics include:

  • What makes up our totality – intellectual, physical, our soul.
  • Love is the most powerful force
  • Energy created by thoughts, words and actions
  • How our energy heals
  • Challenges we face in “earth school”
  • Importance of our motives
  • Empathy as our most significant life lesson.
  • Experiences offer opportunity for growth
  • Music as a spiritually healing and connecting Universal tool.
  • Our ability to share precious moments with our entire circle.


jane ayresJane Ayres, M.A., LMHC is a licensed Psychotherapist/Educator with a private practice in Chelmsford, MA.  Jane has maintained a thriving practice for 28 years including 15 years as Adjunct Faculty in Psychology at The University of Massachusetts, Lowell. She is devoted to the healing and genuine support of individuals facing life’s stressors while sharing both her traditional and holistic methodologies.  Based on these methodologies, Jane has written, ‘Living Whole’ , an inspirational, self-help and informational 3 part seminar addressing the direct influence that our thoughts, physiology and integrity has on our emotional health and overall well-being.  She is presenting to varied groups such as Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in Stockbridge, MA and Center On The Common in Harvard, MA.

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