Make & Take Essential Oil Roller Blend & Restorative Yoga

Make & Take Essential Oil Roller Blend & Restorative Yoga

w/ Sammy Brown Goodrich
@ RCY Westford
Sat., Dec. 8th @ 2 – 3:30pm
Pre-registration $20 / $30 day of workshop
A minimum of 6 students must pre-register by Dec. 5th
Limited to 15 students

This 90-minute workshop invites students to experience the benefits of adding essential oils to their yoga and meditation practices. Following a brief and gentle warm up in preparation for restorative postures, students will experience a series of supported reclining postures. Because smell is one of the fastest ways to affect mood and shift a mind state, essential oils will be introduced at the beginning and end of the class; cedar wood (grounding), and clary sage (calming & restorative). This combination of restorative yoga with the aromatic “assist” of essential oils, aims to shift the body/mind experience away from stress and dis-ease and more towards rest and digest. At the end of class, students will make and take their own roller blend of essential oils for use in their daily lives and practices.

Sammy Brown Goodrich

My first yoga class was about 17 years ago in a trailer classroom at our local public school. I was recovering from a herniated disk that left me barely able to walk. I was the grateful student of a kind and supportive teacher who guided me back to health through breath and posture. Through yoga practice, I discovered a way to approach both physical and spiritual life that could sustain me. Inspired to share this practice with others, I earned my 200 hour teaching certificate in 2008 with Rolf Gates.

Additionally, I am a Reiki 2 Practitioner and offer sessions in my home treatment space. Reiki treatments can be effective in reducing the effects of stress and anxiety while assisting the body in its natural ability to heal itself through this gentle hands-on technique.

I enjoy teaching an informed Vinyasa/Hatha style of yoga with emphasis on breath, alignment, and joy in movement. My teaching is continually inspired by the teachers who teach me, whether weekly in person or monthly in an on-line training. It is my hope that students experience a practice which becomes an expression for how they want to live, that what feels good in practice manifests in their lives.

Through patience and compassion students will find, for themselves, all that is required for practice is their basic human ability to pay attention and to care.