Making Space for Discomfort

This workshop has been cancelled – stay tuned for a new date in the future

Making Space for Discomfort:
Exposing ourselves to experiences far from our own
w/ Coach Justice, Director of Fitness4AllBodies
Sunday, October 9th @ 10am-3pm in the downstairs Waterfall Room at RCY
Early-bird registration: $95 thru Oct. 2nd, 2022
Late registration: $120 after Oct. 2nd, 2022
This workshop needs a minimum of 8 registrants by Oct. 2nd, 2022; a maximum of 15 may register

During this workshop we will find ritual in movement that connects inner intuition to our bodies while building authentic relationships with the diverse experiences of others. We will be making space to discuss our privileges along with our experiences of being disempowered, silenced and oppressed.

bell hooks explains that we must think critically about our own experiences and the relationships that we shape around us.

We will be welcoming and challenging the discomfort that comes when discussing race, gender, body shape and ability. The practice of movement we feel power when we are connected it’s the same with community.

We hope to answer these questions:

  • Why is it important to have discussions about race, gender, sexuality, body shape and ability?
  • How is this connected to Body Image and the ways we see each other?
  • Why is this important for me in my yoga practice?
  • What does this mean about my wellness?
  • How can I use this as a ritual beyond my movement practice?

This is a 5-hour Event that will have movement, lecture and discussion facilitated by Coach Justice, Director of Fitness4AllBodies

What folks should bring:

  • Water/water bottle
  • Towel
  • Mats & props for yoga breaks (RCY has props you can use!)
  • Notebook & something to write with
  • Something for lunch/snack (we have a small fridge)
  • An open heart!

Justice Roe Williams (he/him) is a Certified Personal Trainer, head coach at Kettlebell Justice, founder of The Queer Gym Pop Up and BodyImage4Justice, and Executive Director of Fitness4AllBodies.

Based in Boston, Williams is a trans, body-positive activist that has been creating safe spaces for queer and trans bodies since 2013. He advocates for fitness being for everyone and the importance of trainers and fitness professionals using their status as gatekeepers to “act as a shield” to protect their clients and create safe, affirming practices and spaces.

A key component of his work has been working with people of all backgrounds to address and dismantle toxic masculinity and how it operates within white supremacist patriarchal culture—particularly in fitness. His work has been featured in Refinery29, Good Housekeeping, NPR, Pink News, and Boston Neighborhood Network News, and more.