March 21: Yoga State of Mind w/ Bill MacDonald

Bill MacDonald_warrior 2Yoga State of Mind
How Yoga Can Affect The Brain… Take Your Practice From Practical To Tactical!
w/ Bill MacDonald
Saturday, March 21st @ 1:30 – 3:30pm
$30 Pre-registration / $40 day of workshop

Human beings have a unique ability to exert the will of the mind over the body and the self. The mind is composed of all of our thoughts, which network over time and become patterns of thinking. Some patterns of thinking have become embedded in an ancient part of our brain via evolution and some patterns are influenced and developed by our life experience. All of these patterns, ancient and experiential, manifest in our moment to moment consciousness/awareness and influence how we move through life. The physical practice of yoga is a tremendous tool for helping us manage our moment to moment experience. By using the postures to establish and exercise the underlying principles of the yoga teachings we program new patterns of thinking based on the way we move. Reinforcing the principles through patterns of movement and thinking not only make it easier for us to physically move, more importantly these patterns make it easier to move through life.

This workshop will be comprised of lecture, meditation, breath work, power yoga, and relaxation. The lecture will cover topics ranging from; the evolution of the brain and primal influences we still experience, to neuroplasticity and cultivating productive patterns of thinking that can be applied to everyday life. Following the lecture there will be a guided meditation and breathe work to prepare us for a spirited and upbeat flow that will be supported by a fun, dynamic playlist and wrap up with an extended rest.  If you want to truly gain insight on how yoga can affect the brain, join me on to find out how to take your practice from practical to tactical.

A Few Words From BiIl…
“I remember when I started practicing yoga and I assumed that the more yoga poses you could do, the more enlightened you would inevitably become. What I witnessed was that; some, but not all, people can do a lot of yoga poses, but have a heaviness on and off the mat. But others with limited physical practices have a lightness surrounding them. This lightness spoke to me and I quickly realized that there was more to yoga than getting into scorpion handstand to prove I could spiritually levitate.

Really, everything begins with a thought. I didn’t just appear in my first yoga class, I thought about it first. Thoughts turn into thought patterns, some of these patterns are in the form of hardwiring we are born with, and some of them are from our life experiences. All of these patterns are interwoven and this weave can become so dense and strong that it can hold us back. Clearly, we do not have to be physically constrained to be held back. We hold back because of what we think. The physical practice of yoga is a set of tools that can enable us to deconstruct old patterns of movement and thinking that will help us work towards the life we want to realize. We can take yoga from practical to tactical. This is what “Your Brain On Yoga” is about. This workshop will help bridge that gap.

Over the years I have taken workshops with chiropractors, studied body language specialists, read books on neuroscience and yoga, and practiced with some of the great teachers in New England and beyond. My main guy is Rick Hansen, author of Buddha’s Brain. He has really brought what yoga is about down to earth, which is exactly where we need it…”


Bill MacDonaldBill MacDonald
After a decade making a living as a stone mason, I began to experience physical limitations from repeating the same motions all the time. I overused some muscles and underused others, resulting in an overall restriction in my range of motion. This manifested in a physical body that was out of balance. At the same time parts of my life experience as a whole was out of balance and I needed a tune up in more than one way. I went to my first yoga class and was moved on every level, physically, mentally and more. I began to feel the sense of balance that I was looking for and needed. The more I practiced, the more I felt that sense of alignment and balance. Over time the principles I established on my mat through practice, began to appear in day to day life. At this point I knew that yoga was, and continues, to have a deep impact in how I move through life. My goal when you come to my class is to give you a meaningful and uplifting experience that will not only help you to make it easier to move physically, but make it easier to move through your life.

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