March Kindness Month In Memory Of Tylen

Spring Fundraiser March of Kindness
In Memory Of A Little Boy With A Big Heart
We are collecting donations for Kylees Kare Kits for Kidz & Household Goods.

Tylen believed everyone should have food to eat & a place to live & this is my way of honoring that wish & honoring him.

This year Tylen’s mom Emma has added an Amazon wishlist:

Kylee’s Kare Kitz (
Providing food to children who don’t have enough food at home on the weekend.
Mac & Cheese
Chef Boyardee Cans
Chicken Noodle Soup
Granola Bars
100% Juice Boxes
Fruit cups / Apple Sauce / Pudding Cups
Individual serving box cereal

Household Goods (
Providing housewares to families in need.
Kitchen sponges
Dish towels
Can openers
Sharp knives/Peelers
Measuring cups & spoons
Large spoons & cooking utensils


For those of you who are not local & would like to donate there is an Amazon wish list:

This is Tylen. He was 10 ½ years old when an impulsive accident caused him to lose his life leaving his family & friends heartbroken.

If you asked anyone what Tylen was like they would tell you that he was kind & funny & sweet & would do anything to make you smile. He was everyone’s friend & made friends young & old where ever he went.

He had a huge heart & believed that everyone should be loved, have food to eat & a place to live.

He loved music & had been teaching himself to play the drums. He was the honorary 7th member of a local tribute band & they even played at his 10th birthday party.

He loved to play soccer & was a member of the AB Galaxy. He also loved to climb pretty much anything & was a bit of a daredevil!

He loved all animals but especially dogs. He would rescue caterpillars & begged for all kinds of pets!!

He was really goofy & loved to make people laugh.

Tylen didn’t like to see people sad & would be so happy to see so many good things happening in his memory.